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Drew's Movie Nite

ghostface and casey becker

Drew Hosts Scream Movie Nite Cast Reunion with Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and more!

Drew Barrymore kicks off her first Drew's Movie Nite on CBS, watching Scream, including a franchise cast reunion!

Do you like scary movies? Drew hosted Drew's Movie Nite on CBS for her classic film Scream -&
Drew's Movie Nite
PAtrick Warburton

Patrick Warburton's Scream 3 Death Killed a Chance to Do Kardashians' Security | Drew's Movie Nite

He shouldn't have gone in the airstream trailer!

Patrick Warburton remembers how he died at the hands of Ghostface in Scream 3, and what his ch
Drew's Movie Nite
Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler Reveals How They Got that Shot of Ghostface in His Eye | Drew's Movie Nite

He admits his character still wouldn't be capable at his job...

Henry Winkler gives insight into what his Scream character, Principle Himbry, would be up to r
Drew's Movie Nite
Nico Tortorella

Neve Campbell Warned Nico Tortorella About Squibs on the Scream 4 Set | Drew's Movie Nite

She said she would never do what he did on set!

Nico Tortorella recalls preparing for a scene for Scream 4 where a small firework (squib) had
Drew's Movie Nite
W. Earl Brown

W. Earl Brown Remembers How Scream Character Died

It wasn't pretty to say the least!

W. Earl Brown's talks about his memorable death in the first Scream movie (oh, the blood!) and
Drew's Movie Nite
Rory Culkin

Rory Culkin Met His Wife on the Scream 4 Set | Drew's Movie Nite

Drew Barrymore might just be Rory Culkin's Marie Kondo!

Rory Culkin invites his adorable cat to listen in as he recalls his "heartbreaking" Scream 4 d
Drew's Movie Nite
Erik Knudsen

Erik Knudsen's Scream 4 Character's Death Is a Warning to Social Influencers | Drew's Movie Nite

Erik Knudsen's Robbie character was an influencer ahead of his time!

Erik Knudsen has a cautionary tale for today's influencers that he learned from Ghostface on t
Drew's Movie Nite
Aimee Teegarden

Aimee Teegarden's Scream 4 Character Would Be Protecting Voting Rights in 2020 | Drew's Movie Nite

She be putting her brains and braun to good use, that's for sure!

Aimee Teegarden thinks her Scream 4 character, Jenny, would be working hard to fight voter sup
Drew's Movie Nite
Elise Neal

Elise Neal Dies in Scream 2 Because of Another Stupid Character | Drew's Movie Nite

Her character said it best, "Stupid people go back!"

Elise Neal blames her Scream 2 character's brutal stabbing on Sidney Prescott wanting her to g
Drew's Movie Nite
Philip Pavel

Philip Pavel Had Gallons of Syrup Dumped in His Undies for Scream 2 | Drew's Movie Nite

That's one way to go out!

Philip Pavel had a more uncomfortable Scream death than most when three gallons of syrup were
Drew's Movie Nite