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yesterday 4/22

  • Cristina Ferrare
  • Danny Seo

Drew and Ross Mathews are joined by Danny Seo at the news desk to talk about today’s hottest headlines. Plus, Danny is sharing some hacks to minimize food waste. Best-selling author Cristina Ferrare is joining Drew in the kitchen to make a delicious recipe from her cookbook. 

Drew and Ross Mathews are covering the news sunny-side up including stories like the New Jersey couple who kept their love secret after meeting at their families’ neighboring motels and the proper etiquette for sampling grapes at the grocery store. Amphibian and reptile conservation specialist Dr. Jodi Rowley is bringing along some frogs for Drew to meet and telling her all about them. 

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Cristina Ferrare
Cristina Ferrare
Danny Seo
Danny Seo

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