Jim Parsons' Husband Sang Cher's "I Finally Found Someone" on Their First Date

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"Spoiler Alert" stars Jim Parsons and Ben Aldridge sit down with Drew to tell her all about their new movie. Plus, Jim Parsons breaks down how he met and fell in love with his husband. 

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  • Meghan Trainor

Grammy Award-winning singer Meghan Trainor is co-hosting the show. She’s hitting the headlines with Drew and Ross Mathews, covering the best city for singles in America and whether gift cards are really a good gift. Meghan and Drew are also joined by Richard Fierro, the hero who leapt into action to stop the shooter in Colorado Springs. 

Meghan Trainor is serving the news sunny-side up with Drew and Ross Mathews. They’re taking on headlines like the buzz around Pete Davidson and unique holiday traditions. Plus, Pilar Valdes is joining Drew and co-host Meghan in the kitchen to share a new pro tip and whip up a strawberry butter cake. 

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Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor