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Drew celebrates the inspiring people doing good in the world in the segments Drew-Gooders! Here's a list of the extraordinary Drew-Gooders we've uplifted on the show.

Drew has known from an early age the importance of giving back. In The Drew Barrymore Show segment Drew-Gooders, Drew showcases everyday people going above and beyond for their communities. It's important to give back and help those in need and these generous Drew-Gooders are officially our new role models.

Learn more about Drew's incredible Drew-Gooder heroes below to help inspire you!

Season 2

Auntie Dolores

Aunt Dolores has spent the last 50 years educating children from underserved communities in Los Angeles.

To learn more about Sheenway Schools, visit: https://www.sheenwayschools.org/


Isaiah Garza

TikToker Isaiah Garza talks to Drew about why he started surprising people on TikTok -- donating to homeless, speaking at inner-city schools, mentoring human trafficking victims,  and helping families in need! Plus, as if you couldn't tell, his dad pops in to share why he's so proud of his son for using his A-list platform to inspire others to give back.  



Alice Bopp

Drew Gooder, Alice Bopp, has always sold coffee, but now she serves with a side of positivity by creating a chain of sweet sticky notes in her Lindenhurst coffee shop, Muni’s. Yay for drewing good!


Season 1

Anthony Love

Inspiring principal, Anthony Love, goes above and beyond for his struggling students by creating a grocery store where you pay with good deeds! No need for a credit card at this store!

Charde Dockery

Inspired after hearing Principal Anthony Love's story, Delay Middle School principal, Charde Dockery, starts working on creating a grocery store running on good deeds too! 

Carley Deery

17-year old, Carley Deery, shares with Drew how her firefighter dad inspired her to raise money to manufacture oxygen masks specially designed for pets. 

Belinda Mason

Founder of Women on Wheels in Texas, Belinda Mason, has been using her organization to supply those in need during the pandemic with toiletries, food, and so much more! 

Kat Graham

Incredible actress, Kat Graham, shares how her refugee grandparents inspired work as a UN Ambassador, and reminding others that refugees deserve opportunities too! 

Kenya Congress

Funnel Cake Queen, Kenya Congress, has been using some of her daily profits of her funnel cake business to help those in need in her community.  

Anthony Burrow

Anthony and Kara Burrow were left completely stunned after Drew announces Home Depot Foundation's Operation Surprise will pay off their entire mortgage of their new Habitat for Humanity home!

Michael Weber and Leah Swanson

Healthcare workers, Michael and Leah, didn't let a big snowstorm stop them from helping folks. These Drew-Gooders whose quick thinking put expiring vaccines to good use and potentially saved the lives of nearby strangers while being stuck on a mountaintop! 

Kennard Johnson

This inspiring Drew-Gooder is not just your average high school basketball and softball coach. Kennard Johnson goes above and beyond for his students using his salary to buy supplies to those who need it most. 

Penny and Casey Aguila

Mother and daughter duo, Penny and Casey Aguila, are both ICU nurses and share their inspiring story of what it's been like to work together through a pandemic. 

Janet Throgmorton

Inspiring Drew-Gooder, Janet Throgmorton, is not just your average principal. She took the initiative of becoming a bus driver to help some of her students in need get home safely during the pandemic. 

Chef Antonella

Drew-Gooder, Chef Antonella Loiacono has been donating meals to hospitals during the pandemic in honor of her late father. Check out Chef Antonella's Drew-licious recipe for Herb Roasted Potatoes here. 

Renee Dixon

Renee Dixon, an inspiring preschool director who drives for Uber in her spare time to buy presents for her school children.

Hector Velasco

4-year old, Langston, was struggling with loneliness and being cooped up inside during the pandemic, but would always be excited when local UPS delivery man, Hector Velasco, would drive by blasting his awesome tunes. This cool Drew-Gooder made this little boy's day delivering him a special package. 

Diana Brandt (“Big Tip” Initiative)

Drew Gooder Diana Brandt aka “AZ Foodie” is a Zagat Award recipient who runs an accredited food blog in Arizona. She made headlines after she began leaving large tips of $1,000 for restaurants and food vendors who’ve been struggling during the pandemic.

To support Diana’s “Big Tip” initiative, visit her website: https://www.arizonafoodiemag.com/

Follow her on Instagram here.

Halleemah Nash (Rosecrans Venture)

Halleemah Nash, who started her company, Rosecrans Venture to help secure meaningful internships for students of color. To learn more on Rosecrans Venture, visit their website: https://www.rosecransventures.com/

Robert Bosquez (Bed Blitz)

Robert Bosquez is the co-founder of Bed Blitz, a program that provides families in need with comfy warm beds, pillows, blankets, and sheets, and more! To learn more about Bed Blitz, visit their website: https://www.westbloomington.org/bed-blitz


Sherina Jones (Village (Free)dge - Miami Edition)

Sherina Jones started a community fridge (or free-dge as she calls them) in Florida to help those who've struggled during the pandemic. Her initiative has expended to 3 locations, where local families in need depend on their help. Check out Village (Free)dge - Miami Edition' GoFundMe to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/VillageFreedge-miami-edition

Mealy Cronin (Feed Our Fearless Frontline Fighters)

High schooler, Mealy Cronin is such an inspiring Drew-Gooder...

Check out their GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/feed-our-fearless-frontline-fighters

Kerry, Shelly, and Katy (Cancer Cartel Foundation)

Cancer survivors, Kerry, Shelly, and Katy, are the amazing co-founders of Cancer Cartel. By collecting and selling donated luxury items, they are able to provide financial support to those fighting cancer. 

To learn more about the Cancer Cartel Foundation, check out their website: https://www.cancercartel.com/

Luca and Isabella Di Pietro (Feed the Frontline)

Luca and Isabella Di Pietro are the father and daughter team of their Italian restaurant, Tarallucci e Vino. Inspired by those working in the frontlines battling COVID-19, created Feed the Fontline's to deliver free meals from local restaurants to NYC healthcare workers. 

To learn more about Free the Fontline's mission, check out their website: https://www.feedthefrontlinesnyc.org/

Danielle Allore-Taylor (Fluff Restoration)

After going viral on Tik Tok, Danielle Allore-Taylor, created Fluff to help restore people's beloved stuffed animals to its former glory, especially to those dealing with trauma and are in need of comfort from their favorite stuffed animal.

To learn more about Fluff Restoration, check out their website: https://www.fluffrestoration.com/https://www.fluffrestoration.com/