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Designed By Drew

clean desk

How to Declutter Your Desk When Working from Home | Designed by Drew

The WFH set-up isn't always easy to maintain...

Drew shows a single mom how to make her working space work for her by using these simple tips
Designed By Drew
Drew and a home hallway design

Design Under $30: Drew Helps a Viewer Redesign Her Entryway

Drew helps turn a bare-bones entryway into a sleek home entrance on a budget!

Drew helps viewer Farrah redesign her entryway with easy DIY projects and bargain finds - all
Designed By Drew
Drew and Kerin Mackechnie

Designed by Drew: Drew Surprises Kerin Mackechnie with a Bedroom Re-Design

Kerin Mackechnie deserves the bedroom that she's always dreamt about.

Drew shocks Kerin Mackechnie with a surprise bedroom renovation inspired by Kerin's favorite p
Designed By Drew
Drew designing a room

The Making of Designed by Drew: Redesigning Kerin Mackechnie's Master Bedroom

See how Drew Barrymore combs through every part of Designed by Drew plans and adds a personal touch.

Drew peels back the curtain to show us how The Drew Barrymore Show designed and surprised Keri
The Making Of
Kerin Mackechnie

Designed by Drew: Meet Kerin Mackechnie

Drew welcomes Kerin Mackechnie to The Drew Barrymore Show!

Drew introduces Kerin Mackechnie, who lost her husband Ian Mackechnie to cancer in 2018.
Designed By Drew
Copening family with Drew Barrymore.

Designed by Drew: Drew Surprises a Family of Essential Workers with a Backyard Renovation

These essential workers deserve a new special space to special time together.

Drew shocks the Copening family with a surprise backyard renovation to thank them for their jo
Designed By Drew
Copening Family on The Drew Barrymore Show

Designed by Drew: Meet the Copening Family

Drew welcomes The Copening Family to The Drew Barrymore Show!

Drew introduces the Copenings, a family of essential workers who she will be surprising with a
Designed By Drew
Designed By Drew Logo

Nominate a Friend for Designed by Drew!

If you know someone who would be perfect for a makeover of a space in their home, send them our way!

As seen on The Drew Barrymore Show, Designed by Drew is a segment where Drew surprises deserving ind
Designed By Drew
Drew Barrymore standing at her desk

Drew Designs The Drew Barrymore Show Set

A peek behind The Drew Barrymore show's new set, which Drew collaborated with designers to make happen!

Drew loves design. So when the opportunity came to design The Drew Barrymore Show studio in the hist
Designed By Drew