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Drew Interviews Man Whose Cat Saved Him From an At-Home Robbery  | Drew Crime

Drew Interviews Man Whose Cat Saved Him From an At-Home Robbery | Drew Crime

Bandit the Cat to the Rescue.

Drew interviews Fred Everett, a man who was abruptly woken up by his cat, Bandit, in the middle of t
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Jane Goodall Drank Whiskey and Talked Like a Chimp While Being Interviewed by Chelsea Clinton

Jane Goodall Drank Whiskey and Talked Like a Chimp While Being Interviewed by Chelsea Clinton

Let's just say Chelsea Clinton was impressed.

Drew sits down with the ICONIC Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton to chat about their new se
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Drew, Ross, and Audience Member Claire

Audience Member Returns to Play for 5x More Cash | Pop Quiz

And then some!

Man, oh man, does Nicole pay attention! Audience member and yesterday's quiz show contestant returns
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Drew Surprises Animal Rights Advocates and Volunteers with Feline Cash Prize | Drew-Gooder

These women are purr-fect examples of how to give back.

Drew chats with three animal shelter volunteers (Judy Eskenazi, Marissa Rizzuto, Joanne Monez) advoc
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Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond Always Keeps Her Cellphone on After Losing Son

She also gives some sage life advice we could all use.

Marie Osmond gets emotional after telling Drew why it's important for her to keep her cellphone on,
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Drew, Isaiah, and Judy

Drew and Isaiah Garza Highlight an Amazing Bagel Shop Owner | Drew-Gooders

What a hero!

Isaiah Garza, our Drew-Gooder Ambassador, is here to shine the spotlight on the Co-Owner of NY Bagel
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Drew and Audience Member getting a piercing

Audience Member Gets Her Ears Pierced for the First Time to Wear Her Late Mother's Earrings

Look at the result!

Many years ago, audience member Becca Hine waited for her mother’s blessing to get her ears pierced,
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Drew presenting bouquet to nurse

Drew Surprises Heroic Nurse with a Special Bouquet | Drew's News

Yve is our personal hero!

Drew and Ross Mathews meet a nurse named Yve to announce that she won "the DAISY Award for Extraordi
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Drew and Ross

Drew and Ross Share Real Life COVID First Responder Love Story and Proposal | Drew's News

All the inspiring nurse news you need!

Drew and Ross Mathews weigh in on today's buzziest nurse-themed headlines, like two nurses who fell
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Drew & Patti Peck

Learn How to Minimize Food Waste to Feed Those in Need | Drew-Gooder

Something to keep in mind for your community.

Drew meets Drew-Gooder Patti Peck and learns how to prevent food waste and feed those in need.
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Why These Do-Gooders Cleaned Up the Streets of Hoboken in 20 Degree Weather | Drew-Gooder

Talk about a pair of hometown heroes!

Luis and Nyome tell Drew why they decided to clean up 900 bags of dog droppings in Hoboken, NJ in fr
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Victoria Shaffer

Paul Shaffer's Daughter Offers Hot Tips and Advice for Rescuing Dogs

And a great visual of David Letterman in Chaps!

Victoria Shaffer is an dog rescue advocate with tons of advice for how to go about adopting a dog. S
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Drew and Ross and the Cat Drew Barrymore

Drew and Ross Mathews React to Their Cat Namesakes Drew Barrymore and Ross Mathews | Drew's News

Do they have a little news desk too??

We know that Drew and Ross were a dynamic duo when it comes to delivering the good news, but we didn
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Drew Surprises Heroic Teacher with $10K and Laptops for Students | Drew-Gooder

Carlos is a true hero who can inspire all of us.

Drew introduces us to Carlos Aponte who takes students out of the classroom on trips to get off of t
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Drew on date

Queer Eye Cast Coaches Drew Through Her First Date with Sam Talbot

The cast holds up some hilarious signs to help Drew along!

Queer Eye cast Bobby Berk and Antoni Porowski preps Drew to go on a date with Chef Sam Talbot, by gi
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Drew and Queer Eye Guys

Queer Eye's Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness Get Drew Ready for a First Date!

The Queer Eye cast = The best friends we all need!

Jonathan Van Ness changes up Drew's beauty look and Tan France switches up Drew's fashion in prepara
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