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Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski Breaks Down Why Tina Fey Is One of Her Favorite People

The two have been close ever since 30 Rock!

Jane Krakowski explains why Tina Fey is one of her favorite people ever, including how her 30
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Demonstrates How to Achieve the Purrfect Cat Eye Look

If you're looking for an excuse to practice makeup, this is it!

Drew takes viewers step-by-step on how to create the perfect cat eye for any occasion, and rev
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Raegan Revord

Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord Has Been Listening to "Driver's License" Non-Stop | Drew's News

The actress also confessed that she's a little perplexed by the '80s technology on set of Young Sheldon! Wall phones anyone?

Ragean Revord joins Drew at the news desk to talk about her obsession with the Olivia Rodrigo'
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Tegan & Sara

Tegan and Sara Wish They'd Been Easier on Their Younger Selves and Bad Haircuts

Drew and the singing-songwriting duo bond over starting out young in their careers and what they've learned.

Tegan and Sara join Drew to talk about what it was like to get their career started at a young
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Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski Compares Her IRL Parenting Style to the Characters She's Played

The mom she plays in The Willoughbys isn't exactly family focused!

Jane Krakowski talks about how different her mothering style is from her character in The Will
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Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski Plays Name That Zoom with Drew

Can you figure out what's happening in these Zoom calls?

Drew challenges Jane Krakowski to play Name That Zoom, where the Name That Tune host tries to
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Cat eye

Drew Shares the Ancient History of the Fashionable Cat Eye

Did you know it dates all the way back to ancient Egypt?

Drew gives a us a beauty history lesson explaining when and why the cat eye makeup trend first
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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Is Obsessed with Patti LaBelle's Cookbook | Drew's Cookbook Club

Okay, that's one amazing name for a recipe!

Kelly Rowland lets us in on her favorite cookbook and even admits that sometimes she makes mis
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Jane Krakowski

Coming up Wednesday, January 13, 2021!

Jane Krakowski is here!

“Name That Tune” host Jane Krakowski stops by to chat. Musical duo twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quinn
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