Drew's Little Yellow Book: Celebrating Pasta!

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In honor of pasta week, get Drew's best noodle-related recommendations on her favs to wear, watch, read, eat, visit, and more...It's Drew's Yellow Book!

Drew's Little Yellow Book is Drew's personal guide on her favorite things to wear, watch, read, see, eat, buy, listen to, and more -- picked just for you! Time to take a look at Drew's Little Yellow Book... (Listed in no particular order...because they are ALL awesome!)




Chef Justin Sutherland's Taste the Culture 


Justin Sutherland's Taste the Culture

Drew believes firmly that food is inherently tied to culture, and Chef Justin Sutherland’s new show highlights the beautiful and complicated ways that food and culture are intertwined. On “Taste the Culture,” Chef Justin showcases BIPOC stories in the food world with an emphasis on female business owners. He dives into topics like leadership, culture, staying true to yourself, and much, much more. Drew absolutely loves how Justin brings important and inspiring stories from different corners of the world to light in this poignant series. 




Stainless Steel Spaghetti Measurer Tool

Spaghetti Measure

What the--?! Drew got a real kick out of this wacky kitchen device on the show this week. The Spaghetti Measurer gives you accurate portion sizes for up to four people! Measuring portion sizes is a way to make sure you are eating a balanced meal, but is there ever really too much pasta? 



Fiona's Floral Pasta


Fiona's Flower Pasta

Flour flower power! Fiona’s Floral Pasta is almost too delicious to eat. (But we’ll do it anyway because…pasta!) Each one is a handcrafted work of art... that will last about 1 second on your plate. THE Flower Queen herself, Drew, drooled over these decadent noodles on the show




Portion PadL for Lasagna

Portion Padl

Lasagna for EVERYONE! The Portion PadL is a simple tool to measure lasagna portions to ensure everyone has an equal helping. (Perfect for restaurants...or to prevent family dinner table drama!) Drew hosted Mark Cuban for a mini-Shark Tank pitch on the show where he gave the inventor business tips!




"That Sounds So Good" by Carla Lalli Music


That Sounds So Good

This cookbook “That Sounds So Good” sounds so good... Food cravings really come from your “mood, situation, and vibe,” which is how “That Sounds So Good” breaks down its recipes. Make the right meal for your innermost desires! Carla Lalli Music taught Drew how to make decadent ragu this week on the show that you can make from home! (Link to recipe




"Eitan Eats the World" by Eitan Bernath

Eitan Eats the World

Eitan Bernath is our trending food and TikTok correspondent on the show, always full of high energy and surprises! His upcoming cookbook is no exception! As part of Pasta Week, Drew and Eitan cooked hazelnut spread ravioli this week! Make your own here! (Link to recipe




"The Preppy Kitchen Cookbook" by John Kanell


Preppy Kitchen

John Kanell compiled his fan-favorite recipes into the “Preppy Kitchen” cookbook! The book is organized by season, so you can use seasonal ingredients which are key for embracing the vibe of the season (and limiting your carbon footprint)! John’s recipes are sophisticated staples, so you can make chic, elevated meals at any level! Drew and John made a cozy mushroom pasta on the show this week. 



"To Asia With Love" by Hetty McKinnon

To Asia With Love

Hetty McKinnon takes us all on a trip to Asia to experience the complex flavors and delectable classic dishes from across the continent. Drew and Pilar Valdes made a spicy ramen dish to celebrate from the cookbook to celebrate Pasta Week on the show in a Drew’s Cookbook Club segment



Chef Justin Sutherland's Fast Foodies

Fast Foodies Justin Sutherland

Do you want fries with that shake? “Fast Foodies” showcases three chefs who compete to recreate THE favorite fast-food dish of one celebrity guest! Bobby Moynihan, Jillian Bell, and Reggie Watts have been along for the ride, so get ready for hilarity (and to learn how to cook a classic dish along the way)! Justin recreated a spicy cheese puff mac-and-cheese on the show this week with Drew, ...and feel free to make your own! (Link to recipe