Haylie Duff Teaches Drew How To Make Air Fryer Salmon, Quiche and Burrata Toast

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All three of these look too delicious to handle! Try the recipe for a delicious challenge.

"Blending Christmas" star, Haylie Duff, joins Drew in her kitchen to make Brussels Sprouts and Burrata Toast, Quiche, and Honey Dijon Air Fryer Salmon!

Brussel Sprouts: https://thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/recipe/haylie-duffs-brussels-sprout-burrata-toast

Quiche: https://thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/recipe/haylie-duffs-quiche

Salmon: https://thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/recipe/haylie-duffs-honey-dijon-air-fryer-salmon

For the recipes: https://www.thedrewbarrymoreshow.com/tags/recipes