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Drew, Zachariah Porter, Fred Savage, EJ Williams

Zachariah Porter Shows Fred Savage How Antique Gadgets Can Cook Up Amazing Food

EJ Williams and Drew are also in the kitchen for snack time!

TikToker Zachariah Porter is in the kitchen with Drew, Fred Savage, and EJ Williams to show them how
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Scream Party Cooking

Drew Hosts Scream Party with Chef Pilar's Oozing Cupcakes, Bloody Popcorn

Hope Ghostface doesn't crash.

Drew and Pilar cook up Scream-inspired recipes for the Scream Week episode, including Oozing Cupcake
Drew's News & Causes

Drew and Pilar Valdes Cook Up Warm and Hearty Squash with Cashew Cream

For all the vegans out there, this is the recipe for you!

Drew and Pilar Valdes are in the kitchen to cook a beautiful squash dish that's healthy, while still
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Dan Churchill

How to Make a Meatless Chicken Sandwich


Sponsored by Quorn. Drew Barrymore teams up with Quorn and celebrated chef Dan Churchill to show how
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Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Shows Drew How to Make "Effortlessly Elegant Pasta"

This recipe is so easy, yet so rich!

Chef Jamie Oliver teaches Drew how to make a creamy pasta dish that is luxurious yet simple to make!
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Drew & Ross Mathews

Ross Mathews Helps Drew Brew DIY Holiday Cocktails Using Sparkling Water


Drew and Ross team up with SodaStream to learn cocktail & mocktail recipes for the holiday seaso
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Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff Teaches Drew How To Make Air Fryer Salmon, Quiche and Burrata Toast

All three of these look too delicious to handle! Try the recipe for a delicious challenge.

"Blending Christmas" star, Haylie Duff, joins Drew in her kitchen to make Brussels Sprouts and Burra
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Rugelach and Eitan

Eitan Bernath Teaches Drew How to Make Rugelach

Try to watch this segment and not drool.

It's Cookie Week at The Drew Barrymore Show, so Eitan Bernath stops by to teach Drew how to make Rug
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Mary McCartney and cookies

Mary McCartney Teaches Drew How to Make Her "Chocolate Very Orangey Cookies"

Try to watch this segment and not drool.

It's Cookie Week at The Drew Barrymore Show, and Mary McCartney stops by to teach Drew how to make "
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Vanessa Lachey and cookies

Vanessa Lachey Teaches Drew Her Favorite Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Drew says, "The chemistry in this book was so hot" that she wants to get back on dating apps!

Vanessa Lachey shares with Drew details on her book “Life From Scratch” about how to help you guide
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Lynn "Lynja" Davis Teaches Drew to Make Walnut Crescent Cookies

Can this TikTok viral amatueur baker/professional grandma adopt us???

Viral TikToker and the internet’s favorite cook Lynn “Lynja” Davis joins Drew to teach us all how to
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jake cohen challah bread pro tips

How to Make the Perfect Challah with Jake Cohen | Pro Tips from Pro Chefs

Can't wait to dive in!

Author of Jew-ish, Chef Jake Cohen and his husband Alex Shapiro share their tips on how to make the
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Drew and Pilar Valdes Make Turkey Roulade and Corn Casserole

"I guarantee everyone's gonna fight over it."

Drew and Pilar make a Thanksgiving feast starring recipes from their book Rebel Homemaker, including
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Shows How to Make Extra Special Lasagna for the Holidays

Trust us, this is a game changer for your cooking!

Drew's in the kitchen to partner up with Lasanga Love, an organization spreading kindness, and LG to
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Amateur Chefs Compete to Create Easy Sauce-Based Dishes for Drew to Judge

Amateur Chefs Compete to Create Easy Sauce-Based Dishes for Drew to Judge


Drew Barrymore teams up with Ragu for a competition called "How Do You Ragu?" where non-professional
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How to Have a Meatless Thanksgiving


Drew Barrymore teams up with Quorn to show you how to make a meatless Thanksgiving for you
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