Drew Meets Man Who Accidentally Broke Into Stranger's Apartment...and Cleaned It?

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Drew joked that maybe this was meant to happen!

Louis Angelino explains to Drew how in the world he mistakenly broke into a stranger's apartment and ended up cleaning their entire place! To make sure Louie keeps his passion for cleaning, Drew's giving him $10,000 worth of cleaning product from Safely!

For more information: https://getsafely.com/

And to support him: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-louie-stay-screwy?qid=85876c2347a65dcf2afa0d740f9136f0

Tips from Louie Angelino:

  1. Set the mood – get in the zone with your favorite tunes! Some of Louie’s favs include: “Arianna Grande, Taylor Swift, Todrick Hall – basically anything with a good beat that I can dance to.”
  2. Have a set game plan - tackling larger spaces can feel overwhelming. Be sure to outline what you want to get done, and work in an order that makes the most sense! This means floors should be last, so you can catch any fallout from higher surfaces. No one likes to do work twice!
  3. Always start by prepping any areas that need to soak. ie: fill your toilet bowls with bleach (or your preferred, non-toxic equivalent) For a deep clean, I fill the bathroom sinks with warm water and a powder based cleanser, and use the mixture with a sponge to scrub down and sanitize hard bathroom surfaces. I like this method, because there’s no bucket dumping at the end. Just pull the plug, and watch yesterdays mess drain away.