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Oprah's Royal Interview and Dr. Oz's Coffee Warning | Drew's News Best of the Week

We cannot wait for Oprah's sit-down with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry!

We're recapping the best moments behind our news desk with Drew and Ross Mathews, like Oprah's
Drew's News
Drew's News

Drew and Ross Are Excited for Oprah's Interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Drew's News

Ross Mathews wants all the details on the royal family!

Drew and Ross Mathews are back behind the news desk to give their thoughts on Oprah's upcoming
Drew's News
Drew's News

Pink Lady: Is Drew Planning to Dye Her Hair Pink? | Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews might just start rocking pink wigs for this beauty trend!

Drew and Ross Mathews share their thoughts on the bright pink hair trend bubbling up for sprin
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Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz Confesses He Loves Using Old School Typewriters Like Tom Hanks | Drew's News

The actor explained that he loves to send his friends prank letters!

Flora & Ulysses actor Ben Schwartz joins Drew's News to go over fun headlines with Ros
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Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Explains Why You Don't Need Coffee First Thing in the Morning | Drew's News

If you need coffee right when you wake up, Dr. Oz says you're addicted.

Drew and Ross Mathews surprise Dr. Oz by clearing the clutter off the Drew's News desk, and ou
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Drew's News

100-Year-Old Couple Shares Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life and Marriage | Drew's News

Lou and Edith Bluefeld also break down how they maintain their marriage for 80 years!

Lou and Edith Bluefeld, who have been married for 80 years and are both turning 100-years-old,
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10-Year-Old Braves Cold to Clear Snow Off of First Responders Cars | Drew's News

He even got his family involved!

Drew and Ross Mathews meet Abbey, Christian, and Amanda, a family that decided to clear the sn
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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Working on a Mystery Novel | Drew's News

Ross Mathews joked that he's heard of this writer before...

Drew and Ross Mathews share the news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is co-writ
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Pop Quiz

Do You Know the Answers to This Tough Test from Drew? | Pop Quiz

It's time for another quiz - let's hope you were paying attention!

Drew quizzes one of our VFF's to see if they were paying attention to today's show for a chanc
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Drew and Ross Dissect Bridgerton's New Lead, Sex and the City Updates | Drew's News Best of the Week

Missed out on the sunniest news from this week? Find your favorite moments here!

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the juiciest news may have missed, like who's Bridgerton's newes
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