Darcy Miller's Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Ghoulish Halloween Scape

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These tips are going to make your home boo-tiful!

Darcy Miller is sharing all her best secrets on how to turn your home from average into something truly spooktacular this Halloween season!

Here are some more tips from Darcy to spice up your holiday: 

1. Have your dining room table be the focal point of your Halloween! 

2. Fill your table with lots of frighteningly delicious treats

3. Use gourds as the perfect dip holder! (Your kids will love it.)

4. Create iconic cocktails for the adults to enjoy.

5. Print out spiders for the perfect placecard holder!

6. Use balloons to make your Halloween 3-D. 

7. Scare your friends with these mummy cake balls

8. And don't forget the easy-to-make party favors!