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Drew, Zachariah Porter, Fred Savage, EJ Williams

Zachariah Porter Shows Fred Savage How Antique Gadgets Can Cook Up Amazing Food

EJ Williams and Drew are also in the kitchen for snack time!

TikToker Zachariah Porter is in the kitchen with Drew, Fred Savage, and EJ Williams to show them how
Recipes & Cooking
EJ Williams & Fred Savage

Fred Savage and Elisha EJ Williams Spill About Their First Kisses on the Wonder Years Set!

"If I'm not comfortable, I'm not gonna do it."

The Wonder Years star EJ Williams joins Drew to chat about his future acting aspirations, and he and
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Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega's Sitdown Interview with Ghostface | Final Five

Ghostface needs a daytime Emmy!

  Jenna Ortega, star of the new Scream movie, sits down with Ghostface for a quick round of
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Can You Fall in Love with Someone You Aren't Attracted to at First? | Ask a Deskpert

Let us help you get out of those pickles by asking a deskpert!

Drew and Ross Mathews put their desk-pertise to challenge with some very tough questions. And we mus
Drew's News & Causes
Drew & Ross Mathews

Drew and Ross Mathews Are Pro Power PDA | Drew's News

Touchy subject, AMIRIGHT?!

Lots of controversial issues discussed among these headlines today: what are our thoughts on PDA? Do
Drew's News & Causes
Drew & Fred Savage

Drew and Fred Savage Reminisce About Hosting "Saturday Night Live" as Kids

Fred has chosen incredible projects throughout his multi-decade career.

Drew chats with Fred Savage about hosting Saturday Night Live, lacking the ability to get "nervous,"
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Coming Up on January 11, 2022 on Drew!

Fred Savage is here!

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