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Eitan Bernath's Watermelon Salad Is the Perfect Dish for Summer

This recipe is full of zest and Drew is thrilled!

Culinary contributor Eitan Bernath is in the kitchen with Drew to show us how to make a delicious su
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Help Pick Who Will Be Featured on the U.S. Mint's New Quarter | Drew's News

Drew and Ross weigh in on who they would choose!

Drew's giving another Doggy bag pick, and this time it's voting on who will be featured on the U.S.
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Teacher surprise

Drew Gifts Inspiring Dance Teacher a $1,000 Donation for Her Birthday | Drew's News

She's also teaching them some moves!

Drew and Ross Mathews are wishing a happy birthday to our "Birthday Bunch," including Stephen
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Drew's News

Drew and Ross Dish on Rumors Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Back Together | Drew's News

Drew's also celebrating some really exciting news!

Drew and Ross Mathews are celebrating Drew's news (a different type of news) that she's guest
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Chase Stokes on Working with Partner Madelyn Cline on Outer Banks: It's Just Been Awesome

If you're wanting details of season 2 of Outer Banks, watch on!

Outer Banks actor Chase Stokes sits down with Drew to talk about what it's been like to work with hi
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Postal Worker

This Postal Worker Saved an Elderly Woman's Life with the Help of Mail | Drew-Gooders

This is a powerful story about the kindness of strangers!

Chicago postal worker Shonda Lemon shares how she saved a woman's life after noticing her mail
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Julianna Margulies Gives Drew an Inside Look at How Her Book's Title Came to Be

She didn't love the title at first, but it grew on her after re-reading it!

Author of Sunshine Girl: An Unexpected Life, Julianna Margulies, sits down with Drew to discuss the
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