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Leah Remini

Leah Remini's Daughter Inspires Her to Fight Racial Injustice and Climate Change

The People Puzzler host admits she wasn't this woke when she was her daughter's age!

Leah Remini sits down with Drew to discuss their mutual love of nail art and how her daughter
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Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr Learned Makeup Is "One/Size Fits All" from Drag Queens and Theater

The makeup guru confesses he's loved playing with his look since childhood!

Patrick Starr joins the show to explain how his love of makeup started, discuss challenging st
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Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews Are So Excited for Halsey's Baby Announcement | Drew's News

ET's Kevin Frazier are quizzing our Drew's News favs!

ET's Kevin Frazier comes back for the end of game week to see if Drew and Ross Mathews are sti
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America's Oldest Soap Box Derby Racer Used Racing to Distract Her During Chemo | #Grandgoals

The inspiring 59-year-old Deborah Houston is now cancer-free and a car-racing badass!

Drew meets the inspiring Deborah Houston who has no problem doing soap box derby races at
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Drew's Little Yellow Book

Drew's Obsessed with Marie Kondo's The Container Store Line | Drew's News

It's our organizational dream come true!

Drew closes out the week with one amazing pick to add to her Little Yellow Book, and it's an a
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Leah Remini

Drew Challenges Leah Remini to Solve Timed Crossword Puzzles in 30 Seconds for Charity

Drew has an ulcer after that nail biter!

Leah Remini plays a competitive game of Drew's Clues, where the People Puzzler host tries to s
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Ricardo Chavira Couldn't Help but Stare at Henry Winkler | Starstruck

We would stare too, don't worry...

Actor Ricardo Chavira admits that he's been starstruck before and it was by the one and only H
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Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner's Favorite CookBook is by Ina Garten | Drew's Cookbook Club

We're here for anything she recommends!

Jennifer Garner explains why she loves Ina Garten's Modern Comfort Food so much!
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Leah Remini

Coming up Friday, January 29, 2021 on Drew!

Leah Remini is here!

Game Show week concludes with “People Puzzler” host Leah Remini. Then, Drew is talking all things be
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