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JVN and Drew

Jonathan Van Ness Reveals Why He Opened Up About His Struggles

"I feel like my real mission has always been if any of my pain or any of my difficulties or mistakes in my life, if I can share that or ease that for others, that is where I feel like more of a responsibility. And if joy is a part of that experience then

Jonathan Van Ness shares a story from his experience as a yoga teacher, how he avoids self des
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Drew's News

Drew's News: World's Oldest Couple, History of Pumpkin Spice Latte

Drew puts an optimistic spin on fascinating new stories of the day.

Drew shares uplifting and fascinating news stories, like the world's oldest married couple, a
Drew's News & Causes
Lily Collins and Drew

Lily Collins and Drew Geek Out Over the Sex and the City-Level Fashions on Emily in Paris

Lily Collins discusses the pros and cons of coming from entertainment greats.

Drew and Lily Collins discuss Lily's social media fandom, what it's like to come from entertai
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JVN & Drew

Jonathan Van Ness Reviews Drew's Hairstyle History

Drew looks back at her hair-story through the years!

Drew and Jonathan Van Ness discuss gardening, watermelon salads, and hair masks and break down
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Jonah Larson

In the Loop with Jonah Larson: Bad Kids and The Parent Trap

Drew and Jonah have a LOT of opinions on films.

Drew and kid correspondent Jonah Larson discuss the danger of labels show in the film Bad Kids
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Young Emperors

Viral Fashionistas Young Emperors Explain Their Matching Outfits

"Sometimes being selfish and being true to yourself is a great way to share your art without being indulgent about it and being your authentic self." - Drew

Drew talks with Nelson and Isabelle of the Young Emperors about their viral fame and why they
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Drew and Bruno Serato

Drew's Cookbook Club with Chef Bruno Serato

Drew and Bruno Serato celebrate cookbooks!

Welcome to Drew's Cookbook Club! There's plenty of room in Drew's Kitchen. As a passionate cookbo
Recipes & Cooking

Coming up Wednesday October 7, 2020 on Drew!

Drew interviews Lily Collins, Jonathan Van Ness, Chef Bruno Serato joins Drew’s Cookbook Club and reveals his mother’s nutritious marinara sauce recipe, while Drew gets a visit from Jonah Larson and The Young Emperors!

Drew interviews Jonathan Van Ness, Chef Bruno Serato joins Drew’s Cookbook Club and reveals his moth
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