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Meet the Florida Man Who Saved His Dog from Gator Jaws without Dropping Cigar | Drew's News

He kept the cigar in his mouth the whole time!

Ross Matthews and Drew speak to Richard, the retiree who went viral after prying his dog from
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Drew's News

Drew's Fired Up After Scotland Makes Pads and Tampons Free | Drew's News

Drew says this should be the norm everywhere!

Drew and Ross Matthews celebrate Scotland for making pads and tampons free for all who need th
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Drew's News

Science Says Hot Chocolate Makes You Smarter | Drew's News

If science says so, it must be true!

Ross Matthews and Drew sit down behind our news desk to give us the best food headlines, inclu
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Drew's News

Drew Admits Darth Vader Was Her First Fictional Crush | Drew's News

Plus, Ross Matthews joins Drew's News to drop health facts about holiday decorating!

Ross Matthews and Drew are behind our news desk to go over some cool news including their firs
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Jill Kargman

Zoom Lifts 40-Minute Restrictions for Thanksgiving | Drew's News

Jill Kargman has no excuse for short calls now!

Jill Kargman sits down at our news desk to go over some of the best Thanksgiving stories with
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Drew Reunites with Inspiring Past Drew-Gooders for Thanksgiving | Drew's News

We're so thankful for people like them!

Drew is catching up with some of the inspiring people who've come on the show, like Justin Gav
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Paul Scheer

Paul Scheer and Drew Pick Sides in How to Pronounce Pecan | Drew's News

PEE-can or "puh-KAHN"

Paul Scheer has Drew LOLing as he drops in on Drew's News to talk about the weird phrases kids
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Ross Matthews

Hallmark Releases First Holiday Movie Featuring a Gay Couple | Drew's News

Ross Matthews is overjoyed for Hallmark holiday movies this year!

Our favorite Drew's News guest Ross Matthews joins Drew to celebrate Hallmark finally featurin
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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Finally Includes Textured Hair | Drew's News Best of the Week

The update is coming this winter!

We're rounding up the best moments and headlines from Drew's News this week like an awesome up
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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen Swears By This Oil | Drew's News

The Cravings queen's confession sold out the oil all over the internet!

Zanna Roberts Rassi is back to dish with Drew about the best beauty secrets right now, includi
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