Rachael Ray Teaches Drew Her Kitchen Organization Hacks

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Rachael Ray is the expert on kitchen tips!

Rachael Ray is giving us all the kitchen hacks and DIYs to turn your space into an organized and more usable area for you and your family!


Freezer Tips

  • Prep your produce, and store in plastic bags with minimal air!
  • Prep and freeze what is on special at your local market.
  • Always have a list of what is in your freezer so you can keep track.
  • Freeze meals that are labor intensive. Cook a little more for each meal so you can freeze for later!


Fridge Tips

  • Have all the makings of a salad prepped.
  • Have a selection of pre-made dressings on hand.
  • Have fun cleaning out your fridge! Get creative with your leftovers.


Spice Tips

  • Always have kosher salt and pepper on hand.
  • Do not invest in a full spice set. Build it based on the cuisine you typically like to cook!
  • Buy your spices online so you can control quantity.


Essential Kitchen Tools

  • Sharp knives
  • Plastic and wooden cutting boards
  • Good-quality individual key pots (you do not need a full set!)
  • Nesting bowls and strainers for prep work