Drew's Cookbook Club with Chef Bruno Serato

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Drew and Bruno Serato celebrate cookbooks!

Welcome to Drew's Cookbook Club! There's plenty of room in Drew's Kitchen.

As a passionate cookbook collector, Drew reads at least three cookbooks a week, cover-to-cover, because inside every good cookbook, she believes, there’s a recipe that will truly change your life. In this series, Drew and the chefs she loves share their favorite recipes, tips and stories from cookbooks in her personal collection. Chef Bruno Serato stops by to share his pick for Drew's cookbook club and celebrate cookbooks.

Chef Bruno Serato shares his cookbook recommendation with Drew: Bread Is Gold by Massimo Bottura. You can find the book here!

After Cookbook Club, Bruno also makes time to share a favorite recipe of his with Drew: Spaghetti with Mama Caterina’s Marinara Sauce and Chicken! It's a sneaky way to incorporate vegetables into a pasta dish. And as Bruno says, feel free to sing while you cook! Cooking can be a celebration.

Not only is Bruno Serato a world-renowned chef, he also is a CNN Hero, changing the world through his organization Caterina’s Club, (named after his mother who inspired the sauce recipe)!

Caterina’s Club’s mission is to provide warm meals, affordable housing assistance and job training to homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California. Now, Caterina’s Club feeds 5,055 children each day, has served over 4,000,000 meals, relocated 228 families into permanent housing and taught over 300 students in Chef Bruno’s Hospitality Academy.

To learn more about Caterina’s Club, visit: https://caterinasclub.org/