Coming up Friday, April 30, 2021 on Drew!

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Oprah is here!!

Oprah Winfrey joins Drew to discuss her new book, What Happened to You?, which offers a groundbreaking and profound shift from asking people “What’s wrong with you?” to exploring how early life experiences shape our lives far down the road.


Plus, Oprah’s co-author Dr. Bruce Perry, a renowned brain and trauma expert, offers powerful scientific and emotional insights into our behavioral patterns from their new book.


Then, James Beard Award-winning chef and co-host of Netflix’s “The Chef Show” Roy Choi whips up Sweet Chili Kalbi Quesadilla with Kogi Sauces.  And stick around for Grammy award-winner and reigning QUEEN of Twitter Dionne Warwick joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the Drew’s News desk.