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Karla Arenas Valenti

This Small Business Has the Most Authentic Mexican Food | A Little Bit Extra

Hmmm..what's their delivery radius?

Writer Karla Arenas Valenti recommends her favorite small business for authentic Mexican food in Ill
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Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Knew She "Made It" After Oscar Nomination | The Moment I Knew I Made It

She was sitting in Paris when the news broke!

Salma Hayek shares the exact moment she knew she had made it in the business!
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Husky and owner

Drew Freaks Out Over TikTok Husky Pup That Talks to Owner | AM Cam

Thank goodness for dogs.

Dr. Drewlittle a.k.a. Drew introduces us to TikTok sensation @MeekaTheHusky who cuddles and talks to
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Alexis Pappas

How to Embrace Negative Days on Road to Your Dreams with Olympian Alexi Pappas | Motivational Minute

Alexi has accomplished so much so we appreciate any advice we can get from her!

Olympian and author Alexi Pappas shares ""the rule of thirds,"" which is one of her mantras for gett
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Homemade Cranberry Sauce

How to Make Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce | Your Next Meal

We're not shaming the cran can fans, but these homemade cranberries are DELISH

Jessie Johnson from @lifesastrawberry is making some of the most beautiful cranberry sauce we’ve eve
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Mini Pecan Pies

How to Make Mini Pecan Pies | Your Next Meal

For the "I want a bite of each" types

There’s no shame in eating multiple pies, but stomach space is limited. Now there’s a pie that can s
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Marlynn Schotland and Christmas Cheesy Bread

How to Make DELICIOUS Cheesy, Pull-Apart Bread! | Your Next Meal

Easy and Cheesy. It's a perfect dish.

Marlynn Schotland of@urbanblisslife walks us through how to make a deliciously easy pull-apart chees
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Drew Surprises a Coffeehouse Youth Leader with Special Prize | Drew-Gooder

Prodigy Coffeehouse founder Steph Frances is a true innovator and inspiration for us all.

Drew meets Steph Frances who runs Prodigy Coffeehouse, a workplace that provides apprenticeships for
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journalism with emmy eaton

Journalism Tips for Kids with 8-Year-Old Reporter Emmy Eaton

There's a lot to learn about how to give a good interview!

Kid reporter Emmy Eaton shares how journalists of any age can get started building their interview s
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Drew & Megan Faherty, a Pre-K teacher from Chicago

Drew Surprises Chicago Pre-K Teacher with $20K for Classroom

Megan is one special teacher.

Drew meets Megan Faherty, a Pre-K teacher from Chicago, who goes the extra mile for her students, an
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Drew and Ross Mathews Time Travel Through Decades in a Halloween Special

We love seeing these two go through the decades!

It's Halloween time, and Drew and Ross travel through our magical yellow doors to the '20s, '50s, '8
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Drew & Ross

Drew Remembers Slow Dancing with Emilio Estevez in the '80s

We love reminiscing about childhood crushes!

Drew and Ross Mathews are dressed to the max looking totally '80s for Halloween as they meet two fan
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Drew & Ross

Drew Stars in a 1920s Silent Film with Ross Mathews

These two CLEARLY take Halloween costumes very seriously...

Drew and Ross Mathews have some fun enjoying what they imagine Halloween was like back in the 1920s!
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Ross as a professor

Ross Mathews Quizzes Drew and Her Back to School Crew on Their GED Journey

This exam is making us nervous!

Drew and her GED crew get quizzed by Ross Mathews on math problems, terms like "sunny side up," E.T.
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Drew and her GED squad

Drew Checks in with Her Back to School Crew on Their Journey to Get Their High School Diplomas

Each of these GED candidates are incredible people!

Drew interviews her Back to School Crew about each of their incredible stories and lives as they con
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Alicia and Alice

Drew Introduces Twin Lawyer Co-Hosts to Help with a Special Celebrity Sibling Episode

These lawyers are gonna be amazing co-hosts!

Drew introduces twin sisters Alicia and Alice who are both lawyers and are working together to help
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