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Drew & Ross

Drew Stars in a 1920s Silent Film with Ross Mathews

These two CLEARLY take Halloween costumes very seriously...

Drew and Ross Mathews have some fun enjoying what they imagine Halloween was like back in the 1920s!
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Drew and Ross Mathews Time Travel Through Decades in a Halloween Special

We love seeing these two go through the decades!

It's Halloween time, and Drew and Ross travel through our magical yellow doors to the '20s, '50s, '8
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Drew & Ross

Drew Remembers Slow Dancing with Emilio Estevez in the '80s

We love reminiscing about childhood crushes!

Drew and Ross Mathews are dressed to the max looking totally '80s for Halloween as they meet two fan
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Drew Reveals Her Dream Role is Doing a Movie with Adam Sandler When They're Old

We would watch this in a heartbeat!!

Drew's closing the show with a quick Drew & A with our wonderful audience and confesses what her
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Mikel Welch

Mikel Welch and Sarah Teresinski Go Head-to-Head in Upcycling Battle

Drew's putting them to the test to see who'll be the upcycling winner!

Our Drew Crew design expert Mikel Welch faces off with TikToker Sarah Teresinski, @redeux_style, in
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DIY crafted potion bottles

EASY DIY Potion Bottles | Hot Tips

A DIY craft that’s as easy as it is witchy- YES PLEASE!

At last, your recycling bin full of kombucha bottles can have a renewed sense of purpose just in tim
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Drew, Cherry Bombe cover, and Chef Pilar Valdes

Drew and Chef Pilar Valdes Are Covergirls!

#womensupportingwomen #yassss

Cherry Bombe is a magazine that champions women in food, and this month is NO exception. Check out D
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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie's Guide to Perfect Skin | Secrets Revealed

Sounds a little slippery...but worth it?

Nicole Richie’s mom had a foundational house rule: to maintain a carefully curated skincare routine.
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Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Prefers Being Handcuffed in the Front | Secrets Revealed

What was that about a rotator cuff?

Lifelong actress and activist Jane Fonda is no stranger to a few run-ins with the law. She offers he
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Leo Kelly

Leo Kelly Makes a Drew Berry-more Smoothie Bowl | Your Next Meal

"It could be in a museum"

Here at The Drew Barrymore Show, there is nothing we love more than a well-executed pun. Leo Kelly,
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Flower arrangement

How to Make Beautiful Floral Arrangement with Store-Bought Flowers | Hot Tip

The secret is tape!

Influencer Farah Merhi shows us how easy it is to make a stunning floral arrangement for your home u
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Hometown Spirit

TV Host Kara Mack Shares What Makes Portland So Special | Hometown Spirit

There's so much natural beauty all over!

Television host Kara Mack and Judiaann Woo explains to us why they love living in Portland, Oregon s
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TalkShopLive Drew Barrymore at the Drew's News Desk

Drew Confesses Our Studio Has Some of the Most Beautiful Digs in NYC | A Little Bit Extra

It's a real VIP experience!

Drew's giving a big thank you to AllModern who helps bring our studio to life with their gorgeous ch
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Nik Fields

Nik Fields Shows Off Her Beautiful Hometown of Phoenix | Hometown Spirit

There's so much more to Phoenix than just palm trees!

Nik Fields takes us on a tour of her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to show that there's so much more
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YouTubers Anthony and Marlie Share What They Love About Seattle | Hometown Spirit

Looks like we've got to book a flight for a trip out West!

YouTubers Anthony and Marlie Love, also know by their handle Traveling While Black in Seattle, tell
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Drew Raves About San Diego


Drew Barrymore explains why she loves San Diego so much, and shares some family memories! #ad
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