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Drew, Ross, and Bologna Mask

Can Bologna Moisturize Your Face? | Drew's News

Calming or creepy?

Former monk and meditation expert, Jay Shetty, assists at the desk to expertly weigh in on which sto
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Drew, Ross with sparkle makeup

Drew Tries Out Machine Gun Kelly's Crystal Eye Makeup | Drew's News

Ross looks adorable in sparkles!

Drew and Ross Mathews chat and debate the trendiest headlines, like Snoop Dogg's new hot dog line an
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Drew and Ross

How to Keep Your Chin AND Your Robe TIGHT | Drew's News

Lot of flirting going on at the desk today!

Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen, Tiki Barber, Drew, and Ross Mathews are teaching us how to enhance our 20
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Little Yellow Book

Drew Reveals Stunning Charlie's Angels Eyeshadow Palette | Drew's Little Yellow Book

Drew and Ross Mathews also debate the way Thomas Edison used soup as a litmus test for freethinkers!

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind our news desk to talk about some soup-er inciteful news about how T
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Drew and Queer Eye Guys

Queer Eye's Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness Get Drew Ready for a First Date!

The Queer Eye cast = The best friends we all need!

Jonathan Van Ness changes up Drew's beauty look and Tan France switches up Drew's fashion in prepara
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Drew Reveals How to Use 2022 Pantone Color-of-the-Year in Makeup Routine

Drew Reveals How to Use 2022 Pantone Color-of-the-Year in Makeup Routine

We are HERE for Very Peri!

Drew shares why she loves this year's Pantone Color-of-the-Year, Very Peri, and shows how to use it
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Drew and Ross Cringing

Drew and Ross Mathews CRINGE Over What Happens to Unwashed Bedsheets | Drew News

Anyone else feeling itchy all of the sudden?

Taking a quick break from our typically scheduled good news programming, we have some HORRIFYING new
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machine gun kelly

"Let's Go Find You:" Machine Gun Kelly on Vulnerability, Parenting and Love (Extended)

Drew and Machine Gun Kelly engage in an unexpected and revealing interview about emotional honesty.

Machine Gun Kelly gives Drew a manicure, with his UN/DN LAQR nail polish line, while they both let t
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How to Use Makeup to Get an Ethereal Golden Glow


Drew Barrymore teams up with Hy-Vee to show how to get an ethereal golden glow through the power of
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Drew and MGK

Machine Gun Kelly's Daughter Stood Up for Him Against a Bully at Her School

Drew and MGK are the BFFs we didn't know we needed.

Drew chats with Machine Gun Kelly (as he paints her nails) about how he wants to make his daughter's
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Drew and MGK

Machine Gun Kelly Paints Drew's Nails and Shares the Story of His First Lunch Date with Megan

"[Megan Fox] said, 'How do you feel?' and I said, "I'm lost," and she said, 'Let's find you.'"

Machine Gun Kelly talks to Drew about how he looks for meaning beyond songwriting and how his partne
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Drew Is Obsessed with Machine Gun Kelly's New Nail Polish Line | Drew's Little Yellow Book

Ummm...We'll take one of every color!

Drew can't stop talking about Machine Gun Kelly's new nail polish line that truly breaks the mold!
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Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly on Vulnerability and Emotions (Sneak Peek)

Machine Gun Kelly is baring all in his interview with Drew.

  Drew chats with Machine Gun Kelly about not wanting fans to think he takes any moment for
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Sharon Chuter

Three Tips for Holiday Party Makeup from Sharon Chuter

Sharon Chuter to the rescue!

As we all know, putting on real clothes and leaving the house is a feat in and of itself. Now, when
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Drew Pete Davidson Brooke Shields

Is Blonde Hair Cheugy? Brooke Shields Weighs In | Drew's News

Plus, Brooke spills all the secrets on her new holiday film A Castle for Christmas (which Drew has a cameo in)!

Brooke Shields joins Drew and Ross Mathews to discuss today's buzziest news stories, including Brook
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Holiday hair

How to Get Perfect Holiday Hair


Drew Barrymore Show audience members and best friends, Leah and Jerica, are looking to mix it up wit
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