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Sheila E

Sheila E. Shares the Epic Prank She Pulled on Prince

And the iconic performer didn't even realize what happened!

Iconic drummer Sheila E. comes by the studio to talk about her incredible career, setting records wi
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Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi on Starring Opposite Aubrey Plaza and Working on a "Dark Project" with Kevin Hart

It's also time for a pizza party!

Theo Rossi stops by the show to chat with Drew about working with Kevin Hart on "True Story" and the
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Drew and Dakota

Drew and Dakota Johnson Reveal their Anti-New Year's Resolution Movie Watch List | Drew's Little Yellow Book

Adding these to our queue immediately!

Drew and Dakota Johnson reveal their latest TeaTime x Drew's Little Yellow Book watch-list collabora
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Drew and Ross

Drew Barrymore's Go-to Puffy Eye Reducing Trick | Drew & A

Plus, what do you do when a coworker steals your lunch?

Drew and Ross answer audience questions about cats, puffy eyes, and office etiquette.
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Drew and Sheila E

Sheila E. Teaches Drew How to Drum with Pots and Pans

Sheila E: "If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm."

We all have drummed the pots and pans, but have you ever heard it sound this good? Sheila E. helps D
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Ross and Drew

Drew and Ross Mathews Test Out the Mini Trampoline Workout | Drew's News

Can the ferry boat business venture stay afloat?

You heard it here. First, eighties exercises are back! But should they be? Ross and Drew take this l
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Drew and Ross

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost Bought the Staten Island Ferry | Drew's News

Can the ferry boat business venture stay afloat?

Drew and Ross Mathews are hitting the good news, but are some stories too good to be true?
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Paris and Drew

Paris Hilton and Drew on Growing Out of Being the "Party Girl"

Cured of "Club-istis"

Paris Hilton and Drew bond over their mutual  past party girl statuses and reflect on how they’
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Paris and Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton on the Pain of Learning What Paris Endured at Boarding School from Her Documentary

Mama Hilton is proud to see Paris takes her own pain to make a change for others.

Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton reflect on what it was like for them while Paris was a teen. Kathy ope
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Drew & Ross Mathews

Coming Up on January 31, 2022 on Drew!

Sheila E is here!

Music icon and renowned drummer Sheila E stops by to chat and teaches Drew how to turn eve
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