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Drew and Kate

Kate Hudson Describes Goldie Hawn as a Tornado of Rainbows

In the BEST way, of course.

Kate Hudson describes the dynamic between her and  mom, Goldie Hawn, when raising kids in the s
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Drew and Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and Drew Reminisce on Meeting and Dating Wilson Brothers

And what's this we hear about Kate doing a Drew impression?!

Kate Hudson and Drew go WAY back. Back to a bar in Santa Monica when they met while Drew was in what
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Drew and Kate

Kate Hudson Shows Drew How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

It's using a very special product from Kate!

Kate Hudson is in the kitchen with Drew to show her how to make a delicious smoothie using protein p
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Drew, Jay Shetty, and Ross

3 Daily Tips for Living More Mindfully from Former Monk Jay Shetty | Drew's News

Excuse us while we block out our calendars for seven minutes of daily meditation.

In 2022 we are all seeking to be a little more mindful and present, but how exactly does one do that
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Drew, Ross, and Bologna Mask

Can Bologna Moisturize Your Face? | Drew's News

Calming or creepy?

Former monk and meditation expert, Jay Shetty, assists at the desk to expertly weigh in on which sto
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Ross, Drew, and Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty Reveals the Truth About Soulmates | Drew's News

Is it about finding them or finding yourself?

Drew, Jay Shetty, and Ross Mathews debate what the concept of “soulmates” really means. Is there jus
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Coming Up on August 12, 2022 on Drew!

Kate Hudson is here!

Kate Hudson stops by to chat about her eco-friendly wellness brand InBloom and share her protei
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