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Drew and Huma

Huma Abedin on Addiction and If She Thinks Anthony Weiner Can Ever Change

And what's in store for her next chapter!

Anthony Weiner has had several scandals that placed himself and his family in the headlines, but wha
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Drew and Audience Member

Drew Goes Head-to-Head in Staring Contest with a Daring Audience Member | Drewth or Dare

Drew's going to need some eye drops after this one!

It's time for another Drewth or Dare with Drew and Ross Mathews, and this time Drew has to have a st
Drew's News & Causes
Drew, Huma Abedin, and Anna Wintour

Huma Abedin Shares the Unlikely Person Who Convinced Her to Write a Memoir

Plus, the women that supported her through everything.

Huma Abedin has had many ups and downs in her political career working for the Clintons. She and Dre
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TikToker, Drew, and Ross

Drew Chats with TikToker Who Sent Exit Questionnaire to Guy Who Ghosted Her

Shanna was inspired by her corporate background.

Drew and Ross Mathews meet a TikToker named Shanna Falch who sent an exit interview questionnaire to
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Drew and Ross

Drew Digs Megan Fox's Painful Engagement Ring from MGK | Drew's News

"I'm glad they found each other." - Ross Mathews

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the hottest headlines, like S&M, MGK & Megan Fox's engagement,
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Drew and Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin and Drew Discuss the Trauma of Having Their Pregnancy News Leaked to the Media

And the role shame has played in their lives

Huma Abedin and Drew are two gals who understand the downside of life in the spotlight. Here they di
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Huma Abedin

Coming Up on January 25, 2022 on Drew!

Huma Abedin is here!

Huma Abedin on her new book, “Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds.”   Then, “The Fallout
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