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Drew & Zanna Roberts Rossi

Zanna Roberts Rossi Gives a Makeover to a Mom of Three and the 100th Tip to Close Out Beauty Week

We love beautiful people feeling beautiful!!!

Drew invites Zanna Roberts Rossi to makeover Maria McCarey, a mother who doesn't prioritize herself.
Shopping & Beauty
Drew & Megan Faherty, a Pre-K teacher from Chicago

Drew Surprises Chicago Pre-K Teacher with $20K for Classroom

Megan is one special teacher.

Drew meets Megan Faherty, a Pre-K teacher from Chicago, who goes the extra mile for her students, an
Entertainment & Celebs

How to Have a Meatless Thanksgiving


Drew Barrymore teams up with Quorn to show you how to make a meatless Thanksgiving for you
Recipes & Cooking

Drew Reacts to News that She's a NY TImes Best Selling Author | Drew's News

Plus the coolest beauty tips on pillowcases and saltwater treatment for zits!

Drew and Ross Mathews kick off headlines at the news desk with a handy tip for breakouts, pillowcase
Drew's News & Causes
Drew, Ross, & Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer and Drew Try a Makeup Trend TikTok Says Makes People Fall in Love with You | Drew News

We're learning this ASAP!

Drew and Ross Mathews report the headlines with Keke Palmer, including one makeup trend that TikTok
Drew's News & Causes
Drew & Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer Debates Whether You Can Dress Down for Dates | Drew News

What do you think?

Drew, Ross Mathews, and Keke Palmer discuss the most fun headlines in news, like a new tip for break
Drew's News & Causes
Addison Rae

Addison Rae Reveals the Source of Her Iconic Confidence and Her Perfume's "Moody" Secret

"I kinda just follow my gut and do what makes me feel good."

Drew Barrymore chats with TikTok icon Addison Rae on where she gets her confidence, how gets inspira
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Keke Palmer and Drew Debate Dua Lipa's Toothbrush Beauty Hacks

Drew and Keke Palmer Love Dua Lipa's Toothbrush Beauty Hacks | Drew’s Extra News

Any content about Dua Lipa...We are here for.

Keke Palmer joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the Drew's News desk to dissect all the ways Dua Lipa use
Drew's News & Causes