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Danny Seo

Danny Seo and Drew Whip Up Delicious Vegan BBQ Sliders

Drew's obsessed with his homemade barbecue sauce!

Lifestyle guru Danny Seo is in the kitchen with Drew to show her how easy it is to make a delicious
Recipes & Cooking
Drew & Dakota Johnson

Drew and Dakota Johnson Curate Their Favorite Movies and TV for You | Drew's Little Yellow Book

Adding all of these to our queue!

In a collaboration between TeaTime and Drew's Little Yellow Book, Drew and Dakota Johnson join force
Shopping & Beauty
Marnie Alton & Drew

How to Improve Your Posture with Marnie Alton | Good in 5

Get ready to sit up straight!

Drew shares some ways to improve your life in 5 minutes, like good posture, stretching tips, and tal
DIY & Home
Danny Seo, Drew, & Ross

Drew Joins Ross and Danny Seo to Share Their Best Money-Saving Tips

We love Danny's upcycling hack!

Drew, Ross Mathews, and Danny Seo are celebrating Thrifty Week, by showing how easy it is to save mo
DIY & Home
Hometown Spirit

Drew Takes a Tour of Philadelphia! | Hometown Spirit

We definitely wanna take this tour...

Jamie Reibenbach takes Drew on a tour of Philadelphia to celebrate what makes the city unique!
Entertainment & Celebs
Drew & Dakota Johnson

Drew and Dakota Johnson Rebrand "Tramp Stamps" | Drew's News

You're gonna love the new name...

Dakota Johnson and Drew recount their history together as they team up behind the Drew's News desk t
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Reveals Her Dream Role is Doing a Movie with Adam Sandler When They're Old

We would watch this in a heartbeat!!

Drew's closing the show with a quick Drew & A with our wonderful audience and confesses what her
Entertainment & Celebs