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Drew and Ross Cringing

Drew and Ross Mathews CRINGE Over What Happens to Unwashed Bedsheets | Drew News

Anyone else feeling itchy all of the sudden?

Taking a quick break from our typically scheduled good news programming, we have some HORRIFYING new
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Drew, Ross, and Audience Member Claire

Audience Member Returns to Play for 5x More Cash | Pop Quiz

And then some!

Man, oh man, does Nicole pay attention! Audience member and yesterday's quiz show contestant returns
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Drew in clothes

Drew and Ross Mathews Call a Superfan's Date to Help Cancel His Plans | Drew & A

Drew also gives one lucky audience member fashion advice!

Drew and Ross Mathews answer questions from the audience, like which shoes to wear to an interview,

Drew Surprises Animal Rights Advocates and Volunteers with Feline Cash Prize | Drew-Gooder

These women are purr-fect examples of how to give back.

Drew chats with three animal shelter volunteers (Judy Eskenazi, Marissa Rizzuto, Joanne Monez) advoc
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Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond Always Keeps Her Cellphone on After Losing Son

She also gives some sage life advice we could all use.

Marie Osmond gets emotional after telling Drew why it's important for her to keep her cellphone on,
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Marie Osmond and her Mom

Marie Osmond on How Her Mom Kept Her Levelheaded During Donny & Marie

She was on the iconic show when she was only 16!

Marie Osmond sits down with Drew to talk about the importance of her mom in her life while experienc
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Marie Osmond

Coming Up on September 9, 2022 on Drew!

Marie Osmond is here!

Marie Osmond stops by to chat about the milestones and memories throughout her life and her new albu
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