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Good Dad Program

Drew Celebrates 3 "Magic Dads" Who Give Free Haircuts and Supplies to Children | Good Dad Program

We are all lucky to have folks like these in the world.

Drew speaks with the Magic Dads, three cousins and fathers who help their community by giving haircu
Drew's News & Causes

Drew Wants You to Write a Kind Letter to a Stranger-in-Need | Drew's Doggy Bag

Raise your hand if you're signing up later!

Drew shares the non-profit Just a Kind Note where you can sign up to send a letter with a sweet note
Drew's News & Causes
Drew, Cherry Bombe cover, and Chef Pilar Valdes

Drew and Chef Pilar Valdes Are Covergirls!

#womensupportingwomen #yassss

Cherry Bombe is a magazine that champions women in food, and this month is NO exception. Check out D
Entertainment & Celebs
Drew & Ross

Is Being Divorced a "Plus" When Dating? | Drew's News

Drew and Ross are here to talk it out!

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind our Drew's News desk to report the latest headlines, including hote
Drew's News & Causes

Meet the Daughter Who Wrote Drew a Letter Looking for Help with Her Family Troubles

Rachel's working to repair her relationship with her mom!

Rachel K. Grim sits down with Drew to talk about the difficult relationship she has with her mother
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Drew, Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson Does NOT Share Fries and Drew Thinks Trevor Noah is the Perfect Man

They're not wrong.

The hilariously talented Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens, Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson) c
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Mother (Tonna Becker) and Daughter (Rachel K. Grim)

Drew Helps a Mother and Daughter Repair Their Once-Strained Relationship

The two open up about the future of their relationship.

Tonna Becker joins her daughter Rachel K. Grim on the show to talk about why she decided to leave he
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Drew & Pheobe Robinson MASH Quiz

Play MASH with Drew and Phoebe Robinson!

Drew and Phoebe bring back an old classic.

Remember playing MASH? Well, if you do or you don't, here's a refresher: MASH is a classic school-bu
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