Play MASH with Drew and Phoebe Robinson!

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Drew and Phoebe bring back an old classic.

Remember playing MASH? Well, if you do or you don't, here's a refresher: MASH is a classic school-bus ride/kid sleepover game where you can get your fortune told by answering a series of questions. Here's how to play:


  1. Print out our MASH board.
  2. Fill out your board with answers for each category.
  3. Draw a spiral on the page, until your friend says "stop." Count how many lines the spiral has across - that's your special number! Remember it! For the sake of our explanation, let's pretend your special number is 7.
  4. Starting with the M of MASH, move through each option on your board one-by-one, counting to 7. When you land on an option on 7, you have to cross it out! Do this until you only have one option left in each category. (And one letter left in MASH.)
  5. This is your future! M stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House, and the rest of the categories are self-explanatory.
  6. See if your future comes true...


Click here to download and play along! 

Mash board

Make your own categories here:

blank mash board

Plus, Drew and Phoebe Robinson's boards...

Drew & Pheobe Robinson MASH Quiz