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Dr. Oz Explains How to Turn Your Pantry into a Medicine Cabinet

Dr. Oz: "When you walk into a grocery store, you're walking into a pharmacy!"

Dr. Oz explains why what you eat is as important to your health as any medicine you could take
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Hetty McKinnon Teaches Drew and Dr. Oz a Black Bean Sauce Recipe Packed with Protein and Fiber

It's got Dr. Oz's stamp of approval, so you know it's good!

Hetty McKinnon teaches Drew and Dr. Oz how easy it is to make her green beans with a black bea
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Dr. Oz Explains Why You Don't Need Coffee First Thing in the Morning | Drew's News

If you need coffee right when you wake up, Dr. Oz says you're addicted.

Drew and Ross Mathews surprise Dr. Oz by clearing the clutter off the Drew's News desk, and ou
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100-Year-Old Couple Shares Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life and Marriage | Drew's News

Lou and Edith Bluefeld also break down how they maintain their marriage for 80 years!

Lou and Edith Bluefeld, who have been married for 80 years and are both turning 100-years-old,
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Dr. Oz on Why a Cluttered Desk Stresses You Out More Than You Realize

Starting to clear out clutter is a great way to ease your mind!

Dr. Oz joins the show to share simple and immediate changes you can make to your life to start
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Dr. Oz Destroys the Myth That Men Deal with Heart Disease More Than Women

"Numerically, more women have heart attacks and strokes than men," he explained.

Dr. Oz explains the important risk factors that contribute to heart disease and answers questi
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"DCFemTech Co-Founder Reveals How She's Amplifying Women in Tech to Close the Gender Gap "

She wanted a big, more unified voice for women!

Shana Glenzer, co-founder of DCFem Tech, shares why she started her company and some of her aw
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Coming up Tuesday, March 2, 2021 on Drew

Dr. Oz is here!

It’s the wellness hour with Dr. Oz joining Drew for the entire hour to give you the tools to feel yo
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