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Jason Biggs

Drew Admits She Stalked Jason Biggs in Central Park

"All of a sudden the happiest person in the world jumped out in front of me"

Actor Jason Biggs sits down with Drew to recount the time she stalked him in New York City and
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Rita Ora

Rita Ora Teaches Drew How to Make the Perfect Spicy Margarita

What's better than a Rita margarita??

Singer Rita Ora teaches Drew how to make the perfect, spicy margarita using her female-led teq
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Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs and Wife Jenny Mollen Make Adorable Kids Meals with Drew

Jenny shows us how to make "a new world lunch."

Cherries Wild game show host Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen are in the kitchen with Dre
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Drew's News

Soft Serve Robot Is the Perfect Gadget for Homebodies | Drew's News

This is not a drill -- Girl Scouts are now available on GrubHub!

Ross Mathews joins Drew to give us the best food news in town, like how you can get soft serve
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Dear Drew

Drew Reveals the Reason She Chose to Play Josie in Never Been Kissed | Dear Drew

"We all have a little Josie Grossie inside of us," Drew said!

Drew opens some sweet letters and presents from our amazing VFFs, shares why she really wanted
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Drew's Doggy Bag

Drew Loves Jessica Alba's Reusable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools | Drew's News

Drew's so excited for how much plastic is being saved!

Drew shares another amazing Doggy Bag recommendation, affordable reusable bottles and refills
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Simone Oliver

Simone Oliver on Why Stories of a Colorful World is So Powerful

We're so happy we learned about this amazing company!

Global Editor-in-Chief at Refinery29 Simone Oliver shares why book recommending service Storie
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Jason Biggs

Coming up Friday February 19, 2021 on Drew!

Jason Biggs is here!

“Cherries Wild” host Jason Biggs stops by to chat. Plus, Jason’s wife, Jenny Mollen, shares how to m
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