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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Shares How Fame Contributed to Her Emotional Eating

She calls 2020 her year of health!

Rebel Wilson gets real with Drew about the difficulties of being healthy and how she completel
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Archaeologists Discovery Changes How We Perceive Women 9,000 Years Ago | Drew's News

Women weren't just picking berries!

Drew's sharing all the exciting headlines you need to know, like the latest discovery from arc
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Craft week

Ashley Basnight Teaches Drew How to Build Custom Wooden Coat Hook

Ashley wants more women to get into woodworking!

Ashley Basnight, also known as the blogger Handmade Haven, joins our show to walk us step-by-s
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Crafty Lumberjacks

Crafty Lumberjacks Compete in a Live Craft-Off Challenge

We've GOTTA try this at home!

Drew challenges Crafty Lumberjacks, Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza, to create meaningful cat-the
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Joy Cho

You Need to Try This DIY Painted Vase Technique from Joy Cho | Drew's News

Thankfully quarantining has given us a lot of extra time!

Joy Cho joins Drew's News to tell us how DIY'ing has changed in 2020 and the easy way to custo
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Rebel Wilson

Getting Malaria Convinced Rebel Wilson to Become an Actor

At first she wanted to be a serious actor!

Rebel Wilson sits down with Drew to share what made her decide to become and actress and how s
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Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown Gives Us Amazing Words of Wisdom for 2020 | Motivational Minute

As if we couldn't love her anymore!

Tabitha Brown takes a moment to remind us that all the craziness of 2020 will eventually come
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Mom Serenades Her Kids While Picking Them Up from School | Totally Trending

We can't imagine our moms doing this!

Adorable mom Emily is showing us how she picks up her kids from school (spolier alert: it invo
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Rebel Wilson

Coming up Tuesday, November 10, 2020 on Drew!

Rebel Wilson joins the show!

Actress Rebel Wilson stops by to chat with Drew and shares holiday traditions, her year of health an
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