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Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw Remembers Being On Set of Temple of Doom with Mom and Drew

She was thrilled by all the excitement!

Jessica Capshaw joins the show to talk about what it was like growing up on sets during her ow
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Rage baking

Drew and Ross Mathews Rage Bake for Election Day

Baking is proven to help relieve stress!

Ross Mathews shows Drew how to productively channel all her emotions into a baking creation th
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Should the Voting Age Be Lowered? | Drew's News

It's a hot topic among Genz!

Drew celebrates Election Day with all things voting, from debating the voting age with Ross Ma
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Here's How and When You Should Be Talking to Your Kids About Money

Our experts say many parents feel uncomfortable talking about money!

Dr. Aliza and Dr. Farnoosh break down all of the taboos about talking to your kids about money
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Presidential Election Brain Ticklers with Drew and Ross Mathews | Drew's News

If you were planning on running, maybe think twice!

Drew and Ross Matthews share some historical facts about American Democracy that we bet you di
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American Girl Doll

Drew Unveils Her Very Own American Girl Doll

Now Courtney has a friend!

Drew is celebrating Election Day by encouraging Americans to get out and vote! And she's unvei
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Drew Surprises Audience with a Tasty Treat | The Big Goodbye

We're so jealous!!

Drew and Jersey Mike's are giving our VFF audience some delicious subs to celebrate Election D
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How Your Children Can Start Building Up Credit

Small, recurring payments are key!

While it differs for every family, our experts Dr. Aliza Pressman and Dr. Farnoosh Torabi expl
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Jessica Capshaw

Coming up Tuesday, November 3, 2020 on Drew!

Jessica Capshaw joins the show!

Netflix’s “Holidate” star Jessica Capshaw stops by to chat. Then, Drew enlists finance expert Farnoo
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