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Would You Eat New Viral Trend "Feetloaf"? | Drew's News

This dish isn't for the faint of heart!

We're catching up on all of the Halloween headlines, including a new trend where people are sc
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Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin Stops by The Drew Barrymore Show for His Drew Fanboy Brother Rory

His brother is a huge fan of the show!

Macaulay Culkin is our magical Wizard of Oz and we're over the rainbow! He admits that while h
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Darcy Miller

Darcy Miller Shows Us How to Repurpose Halloween Candy

Don't let your sweets go sour!

The one and only Darcy Miller stops by to teach us easy ways to turn leftover Halloween candy
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Wizard of Oz

Do You Know the Answers to Wizard of Oz Quiz? | The Big Goodbye

We were totally stumped on the third question!

To close out our incredible Halloween week, we're giving our VFF's a chance to win some awesom
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Glinda the Good Witch

Drew Transforms into Glinda the Good Witch and Shocks Single Mom by Donating $10,000

Drew, dressed as Glinda, is a very good witch!

Drew Barrymore heads to Oz and truly transforms into Glinda the Good Witch when she donates $1
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Drew Barrymore

Can You Guess Who Our Magical Wizard of Oz Is?

Follow the clues you shall, to discover our wonderful pal!

We're challenging our viewers at home to try to guess who Drew's special guest is! We promise
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The Weekender

Turn This on and Transport to Haunted Places All Over | The Weekender

Download if you're over normal and ready for paranormal!

Drew's helping you start your weekend by giving you all the musts for this Halloween including
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Costume Challenge

Winners of the Drew Scarrymore Halloween Costume Challenge

One of the looks was inspired by Drew!

Ross Matthews joins Drew to crown the winners of our Halloween costume challenge and speak to
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Drew Barrymore

Coming up Friday, October 30, 2020 on Drew!

Ashley Park joins the show!

Drew is so excited to welcome Darcy Miller back to the show to share more ghoulish tips for this h
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