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Stanley Tucci and Shirley Temple King

Kid Bartender Shirley Temple King Creates Special Drink Just for Stanley Tucci

It's an Italian-themed Shirley Temple in his honor!

The adorable Shirley Temple King is here, and he's showing Stanley Tucci how to make a very unique S
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Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci Couldn't Say No When Meryl Streep Asked Him to Be in Julie & Julia

He called it "one of the happiest experiences ever!"

The actor known from everything from The Devil Wears Prada to The Hunger Games, Stanley Tucci,
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Adorable Furry Friends Dressed in Amazing Halloween Costumes | Am Cam

That cat knows how to strut and we're so jealous!

The only thing that's cuter than our lovable pets, is our pets in Halloween costumes! We are o
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Noah Schnapp

Noah Schnapp and Drew Bond Over Working with Steven Spielberg as Kids

It was the first movie Noah ever did!

Noah Schnapp stops by to talk about what it was like to work with the one and only Adam Sandle
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Transform Your Home into Halloween Masterpiece with These Tips | Designed by Drew

Cobwebs from any department store are key!

Drew shares tips on how to change our homes from ordinary to Halloween-extraordinary! With
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Chocolate cake

Ooey Gooey Death by Chocolate Cake Is Perfect for Halloween | Your Next Meal

It's filled with raspberries, so it looks like it's oozing blood!

This death by chocolate mug cake by blogger Emily Daniels, also known as wholesomehedonista, s
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Sheila Hammond

Drew Revives Blood-Crazed Character Sheila Hammond

Even zombies need help removing stains!

Drew brings back her iconic character Sheila Hammond, who needs some help getting blood out of
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Stans for Stains

Drew Shows How to Get Tomato Sauce Out of Almost Anything | Stans for Stains

First, you need to remove as much excess as you can!

You know Drew truly is obsessed with stain removal, and this week we're learning how to get to
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Drake Causes Controversy with Raisins in Mac and Cheese | Drew's News

Our forefathers already perfected the recipe!

Ross Mathews checks in with all the details about why fans are outraged at Drake, who's go
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Stanley Tucci

Coming up Tuesday, October 27, 2020 on Drew!

Stanley Tucci and Noah Schnapp join in on the Halloween fun!

The man, the myth, the legend Stanley Tucci is here to talk about his new movie The Witches,&nb
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