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Drew and Tristan Harris

Tristan Harris Explains Why You Should Turn Off Social App Notifications Now

Drew took his advice and completely updated her phone!

Tristan Harris, whose documentary "The Social Dilemma" is sparking conversations about social
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Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray's One-Pot Soup Is the Easiest Thing You'll Make This Fall

Trust us, you should bookmark this recipe for the colder months!

Rachael Ray is cooking up some delicious (and more importantly, super easy) soup in our kitche
Recipes & Cooking
Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray Teaches Drew Her Kitchen Organization Hacks

Rachael Ray is the expert on kitchen tips!

Rachael Ray is giving us all the kitchen hacks and DIYs to turn your space into an organized&n
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clean desk

How to Declutter Your Desk When Working from Home | Designed by Drew

The WFH set-up isn't always easy to maintain...

Drew shows a single mom how to make her working space work for her by using these simple tips
DIY & Home
Couple making shelf

Watch as Drew Puts Newlyweds Teamwork Skills to the Test

Drew challenges the pair to build a shelf in just an hour!

Jarrett and Jill Couser, a newly married couple who often differ on levels of cleanliness, wil
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Drew and Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo Tells Drew She Mastered the KonMari Method

Drew tells Marie her life was dormant until "she walked into it"

Drew FINALLY meets her idol Marie Kondo and gets to fangirl like we've never seen before! Drew
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drew barrymore monday, oct 19

Coming Up Monday, October 19, 2020 on Drew!

Rachael Ray and Marie Kondo make for a D'Cluttering dream come true for Drew...

Get ready... It's Drew's D'Cluttering Power Hour! Marie Kondo joins her biggest fan Drew to share ti
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Drew with blanket

Drew's Little Yellow Book Breakdown - October 2020!

Drew shares her LYB picks for fall!

Drew's Little Yellow Book is Drew's personal guide on her favorite things to wear, watch, read, see,
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