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Drew with sunglasses on

The Making of The Drew Barrymore Show Premiere Week

See how the premiere all came together!

The Drew Barrymore Show gives a glimpse at what it took to make our splashy premiere week happ
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Charlie's Angels reunion

Drew, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu Recall Favorite Charlie's Angels Memories 20 Years Later

Lucy Liu has a painful memory from Charlie's Angels.

Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu exchange their favorite memories from making the first Charlies Angels m
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Drew and Charlie's Angels cast

Drew, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu on Becoming Moms Changing Their Outlook on Life

20 years after Charlie's Angels, Drew, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu reunite and reflect.

Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu share how their respective lives have changed since they bonded maki
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Drew and her friends Cameron and Lucy

Drew Kicks Off Her First Show with Her Charlie's Angels Sisters Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu

Drew knew exactly who to invite as the first guests on The Drew Barrymore Show...

Drew reunites with Charlie's Angels co-stars and real-life besties, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu,
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Copening family with Drew Barrymore.

Designed by Drew: Drew Surprises a Family of Essential Workers with a Backyard Renovation

These essential workers deserve a new special space to special time together.

Drew shocks the Copening family with a surprise backyard renovation to thank them for their jo
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The Goodbye

The Goodbye: Drew Gives a Virtual Audience Member a 2021 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Drew has a special surprise for one member of the virtual audience!

Drew uses her the first goodbye of her show to surprise a virtual member of The Drew Barrymore
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Drew's News giveaway

Drew's News: Drew Surprises New Jersey Dad Who Started a Food Pantry During the Pandemic

Drew talks with ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Drew shines a light on Barney Corrigan, a New Jersey father who began operating a no-judgement
Drew's News & Causes
Drew at Drew's News desk

Drew Launches The Drew Barrymore Show's First Episode with Drew's News

Drew puts an optimistic spin on fascinating new stories.

Drew debuts Drew's News, a live daily segment where she shares the uplifting and fascinating n
Drew's News & Causes
Copening Family on The Drew Barrymore Show

Designed by Drew: Meet the Copening Family

Drew welcomes The Copening Family to The Drew Barrymore Show!

Drew introduces the Copenings, a family of essential workers who she will be surprising with a
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Drew and Cameron and Lucy

Drew Barrymore Reveals Which of Her Charlie's Angels Co-Stars Is in Studio Virtually

Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu fess up to who isn't really in the room!

Drew had both of her Charlie's Angels co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu on set for The Drew Barrymo
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50 First Dates Cast

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore Reboot 50 First Dates for 2020

Henry Has a Lot to Catch Lucy Up On!

Lucy (Drew Barrymore) wakes up to husband Henry's (Adam Sandler) routine message to remind her of wh
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Green screen technology

How The Drew Barrymore Show Gets Virtual Guests in Studio

Green-screen technology beams guests into studio!

Drew shows off the green-screen technology used to virtually bring The Drew Barrymore Show guests fr
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Charlie's Angels Cast

Drew Sent Bathroom Video Messages Meant for Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu to a Young Boy

Drew's Lost Video Messages

Drew reveals how her reunion with her besties, and Charlie's Angels co-stars, Cameron Diaz and Lucy
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Designed By Drew Logo

Nominate a Friend for Designed by Drew!

If you know someone who would be perfect for a makeover of a space in their home, send them our way!

As seen on The Drew Barrymore Show, Designed by Drew is a segment where Drew surprises deserving ind
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Drew Barrymore standing at her desk

Drew Designs The Drew Barrymore Show Set

A peek behind The Drew Barrymore show's new set, which Drew collaborated with designers to make happen!

Drew loves design. So when the opportunity came to design The Drew Barrymore Show studio in the hist
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Andy Cohen

The Art of the Interview with Andy Cohen

Drew and Andy Cohen discuss the art of the conversation.

Drew sits down with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen to share stories about hosting, embracin
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