Haile Thomas Joins Drew's Cookbook Club

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Drew kicks off our inaugural #DrewsCookbookClub with health activist and cookbook author Haile Thomas!

Introducing...Drew's Cookbook Club!

As a passionate cookbook collector, Drew reads at least three cookbooks a week, cover-to-cover, because inside every good cookbook, she believes, there’s a recipe that will truly change your life. In this series, Drew will be sharing her favorite recipes, tips and stories from cookbooks in her personal collection. First up: Haile Thomas!

Chef Haile Thomas is about to become your favorite new plant-based food guru...and she’s only 19.

Who we are is an endlessly emerging possibility. - Haile Thomas

The author of Living Lively: 80 Plant-Based Recipes to Activate Your Power and Feed Your Potential, Haile Thomas was a self-proclaimed “food snob” at an early age, more interested in complex foods and ingredients than the typical child. At age 8, her father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which empowered Haile to learn how to cook as a way help her dad stay healthy.

Soon, Haile’s creative cooking skills directly led to her father’s full recovery from type 2 diabetes. From then on, Haile knew she had to continue to inspire others to heal and care for themselves through the “power of food.” At age 12, Haile founded her non-profit HAPPY to support and empower underserved youth and promote the need for plant-based nutrition and wellness education in underserved communities. She also became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at age 16. (We know...incredible.)

Since she started her culinary journey, Haile has empowered countless at-home chefs to get creative in the kitchen, heal through the power of plant-based meals, and realize their fullest potential.

In this first episode of #DrewsCookBookClub, foodie and cookbook lover Drew Barrymore sits down with the incredible chef, motivational speaker, and cookbook author Haile Thomas to learn about her journey as a chef, her cooking philosophies, and how to create some of Haile’s nutritious, delicious (and healing) recipes.

Haile teaches Drew how to build her Islander Lively Bowl from Living Lively. BONUS: Haile also shares her recipes for her BBQ Sweet Potato Tortizza and Chickpea of the Sea Sandwich!

Now for the most important part of #DrewsCookbookClub (*drumroll with kitchen utensils...*): the cookbooks! Haile and Drew bond over their shared adoration for cookbooks, and we’ve got their recs for you right here. Their personal favs will inspire you to live lively at home.

Haile's Cookbook

Haile's Cookbook Club Pick: The Flavor Bible

For more about Haile, head to her website here!

Hope you are all as encouraged by Haile to live lively as we are. ♥