Drew's DIY Fabric-Covered Books

DIY & Home

Drew shows you how to make your books look chic and uniform using a monochromatic fabric technique!


  • A book (hardcover is best)
  • Thick fabric
  • Scissors
  • Double stick tape
  • A pencil


  1. Lay fabric on a large, flat surface.
  2. Trace book cover using a pencil, making note where the spine is.
  3. Draw “tabs” along the outside of the book covers (not the spine) that are a bit thicker than your double stick tape. They should bevel about 45 degrees.
  4. Cut out the entire shape.
  5. Adhere double stick tape to your tabs. Ensure a good connection with the fabric.
  6. Open your book and lay onto your fabric so the pages are facing up, then fold over and stick the tabs to the inside of your book covers. Be sure to keep an eye that your spine is staying aligned.