Create Unique Birdhouse with Danny Seo

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It's upcycling at its best!

Danny Seo showed us how to turn an ordinary birdhouse into something extraordinary using upcycled materials! For more awesome crafts, visit Danny's website here



  • Unfinished wooden birdhouse
  • Mod Podge glue (Matte or glossy, doesn't matter)
  • Foam craft brushes
  • Hardcover children's books (Make sure the book cover is large enough to cover the roof of the house)

Optional:  Staple gun or hammer and small nails


1.  Remove pages from inside the book and set aside. Make sure to carefully tear them out so it keeps the book jacket intact as ONE large piece. 

2.  Find images/pages you like and glue them onto the birdhouse. Be messy... the glue will dry clear. Add plenty of glue to the surface of the birdhouse and place paper on top. Then apply more glue on top of the paper. Layer... the wet pages will actually tear along the edges, so overlap so you can make nice rips. There is no wrong way to do this but you want to cover the whole birdhouse with decoupaged pages. 

3.  You can skip decoupaging the roof.  Add lots of glue to the roof and attach the book jacket.    

4.  If you want to further secure the book jacket to the roof, hammer in small nails or a few staples from a staple gun.