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wreath craft

DIY TikTok Hack to Make Easy Holiday Wreaths Out of Coffee Filters | Hot Tip

All you need is a foam wreath, coffee filters, and a pencil!

@craftgrooms is our new hero with his DIY wreath craft that just uses a foam wreath, coffee filters,
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Sutton and cards

Sutton Foster Teaches Drew How to Craft DIY Holiday Cards for Kids and Adults!

"You can glob it on."

Broadway's The Music Man star Sutton Foster shares her favorite craft project to do with her daughte
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Sutton Foster

Sutton Foster Still Bakes Her Ex's Mom's Cookie Recipe to Celebrate the Ingredients of Life

Sutton talks about the importance of gratitude in her life.

Drew chats with The Music Man's Sutton Foster fresh off of Broadway to discuss her new book "Hooked:
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Air fryer and ZHC

Zach "ZHC" Hsieh Stole Drew's Air Fryer and Customized It!

Just when we thought Drew's air fryers couldn't get any more Beautiful!

Comic artist ZHC has taken on schools, hospitals and iPhones, but what about an air fryer??? Watch w
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Mikel Welch

80s DIY: How to Make Acid Wash Jeans

So totally fashion forward!

Designer Mikel Welch teaches Drew and Ross how to make their own easy, totally rad, acid wash jeans,
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Spooky Spider Book DIY

Easy Spooky Spider Book DIY Craft | Hot Tips

It's a fun craft AND a perfect way to use some of those unread books on the shelf

Even for a beginner crafter, this spooky spider book is easy to create and looks genuinely impressiv
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Drew and Christian Siriano and woman with French Toast costume

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes with Christian Siriano

All of these are inspiring our spooky attire for this year!

Drew chats with Project Runway icon Christian Siriano about his mentorship on the show, dressing Mic
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DIY Pumpkin Pillows| Hot Tips

She makes it look so easy!

A little autumnal craft? Yas, please. Christine Higgs walks us through how to make impossibly adorab
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Jonah Larson & Tom Daley

Drew Surprises Child Crochet Prodigy Jonah Larson with Message from Olympian Tom Daley

Such a heartwarming moment.

Drew gives Jonah Larson a massive surprise from a fellow crochet icon, Olympian Tom Daley, and Jonah
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Danny Seo, Drew, & Ross

Drew Joins Ross and Danny Seo to Share Their Best Money-Saving Tips

We love Danny's upcycling hack!

Drew, Ross Mathews, and Danny Seo are celebrating Thrifty Week, by showing how easy it is to save mo
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DIY crafted potion bottles

EASY DIY Potion Bottles | Hot Tips

A DIY craft that’s as easy as it is witchy- YES PLEASE!

At last, your recycling bin full of kombucha bottles can have a renewed sense of purpose just in tim
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Flower arrangement

How to Make Beautiful Floral Arrangement with Store-Bought Flowers | Hot Tip

The secret is tape!

Influencer Farah Merhi shows us how easy it is to make a stunning floral arrangement for your home u
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Upcycling Expert Sarah Terensinski Shows How to Make DIY Wine Rack Using Cans

She's also showing us how to upcycle your own bar cart!

Upcycling expert and TikToker Sarah Terensinski tells Drew and Ross Mathews why she start to reuse r
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Mikel Welch

Mikel Welch Shows How to Create Beautiful Planters After This Influencer's DIY TikTok Fail

This is such a cute and cheap way to spruce up your space!

Interior designer Mikel Welch is back on the show to help influencer Meredith Coe, also known as @Me
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Drew crafting butterflies

The Drew Barrymore Show and Michaels Teach You How to Craft Beautiful Butterflies with Your Kids


The Drew Barrymore Show and Michaels are working together to show you how easy it is to get crafting
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Danny Seo

Danny Seo Shows How to Transform Banana Peels into Delicious Tea | Do Just One Thing

The recipe has been around for quite some time and can work as a natural sleep aid!

Danny Seo is back in the kitchen for another exciting episode of Do Just One Thing, this time he's s
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