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Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear on Dating Her High School Sweetheart

It's so sweet to see how they reconnected!

Drew chats with Heather Locklear about her new film Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: The Kristine Carlso
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Drew & Meredith Hagner

Meredith Hagner on Her First Movie Role with Drew Barrymore and Her Pandemic Baby with Wyatt Russell

And now she's a star!

Drew chats with Meredith Hagner about the movie they did together, her pandemic baby with husband Wy
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Drew & Chelsea Handler

Drew and Chelsea Handler Give Advice about How to Not Compare Yourself to Others | Ask a Deskpert

An important reminder!

Drew and Ross Mathews are joined by Chelsea Handler to give fans advice on how to deal with hosting
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Drew & Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler Predicted Her Romance with Jo Koy on The Drew Barrymore Show

This story is mind-blowing!

Chelsea Handler and Ross Mathews reminisce about their past work together while Drew surprises the c
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Drew & Ross

Drew Does Not Believe in Splitting the Bill | Drew's News

Chivalry can be revived!!

What’s the appropriate amount to spend on a first? Who should pay? Do you need a license to use powe
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Mother (Tonna Becker) and Daughter (Rachel K. Grim)

Drew Helps a Mother and Daughter Repair Their Once-Strained Relationship

The two open up about the future of their relationship.

Tonna Becker joins her daughter Rachel K. Grim on the show to talk about why she decided to leave he
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Meet the Daughter Who Wrote Drew a Letter Looking for Help with Her Family Troubles

Rachel's working to repair her relationship with her mom!

Rachel K. Grim sits down with Drew to talk about the difficult relationship she has with her mother
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Drew, Phoebe Robinson

Phoebe Robinson Does NOT Share Fries and Drew Thinks Trevor Noah is the Perfect Man

They're not wrong.

The hilariously talented Phoebe Robinson (2 Dope Queens, Doing the Most with Phoebe Robinson) c
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How Picky Should You Be When Online Dating in Your 20s? | Drew's Love Bug

Dating can be tricky at any age...

Dating expert Damona Hoffman joins Drew to analyze one picky 20-something's dating app messages and
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Gives Drew Dating Advice, Dishes on Walking in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

The two also bond over their love of Halloween!

Vanessa Hudgens sits down with Drew for some girl talk on sliding into someone's DMs, and what it wa
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Drew Ross and cohost

Ross Mathews and His Fiancé Are the First LGBTQ+ Couple on Sophisticated Weddings Magazine

"Did you know that weddings can be very expensive?"

Drew, Nate Burleson and Ross Mathews discuss the difficulties of trimming down a wedding guest list
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Drew Meets Women Road-tripping Together After Realizing They Were Dating the Same Man

Drew loves that they turned a negative into a major positive!

Drew meets Bekah, Abi, and Morgan - three women who decided to renovate a bus to travel the country

Carmelo Anthony on Why He Started Foundation: "I Was Once One of Them"

Drew's also giving Carmelo two major surprises!

Carmelo Anthony shares why he started The Carmelo Anthony Foundation and gets a special thank you fr
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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Helps Drew Reunite 18-Year-Long Best Friends Estranged by COVID

Angela gets emotional when she finds out she's going to meet her friend Jackie's baby, too!

Drew brings her best friend Cameron Diaz to help reunite friends Angela and Jackie two years after t
Fan Recreates Never Been Kissed

Drew Fan Recreates Never Been Kissed by Having First Kiss with Her Boyfriend on Pitcher's Mound

Such a real-life movie moment!

In honor of Drew's Never Been Kissed episode, Drew orchestrates one fan to have her first kiss with
Cameron Diaz

Drew's Bestie Cameron Diaz Will Be Co-Hosting Episode of The Drew Barrymore Show

It's a full hour-long show to celebrate our BFFs!

Drew's Charlie's Angels co-star, and ultimate best friend, Cameron Diaz is returning to the sh
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