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Drew and Cynthia

Drew and Cynthia Nixon Play a HEATED Game of Sex & The City Trivia

WHOA, we did not know who to bet on

This was a stacked match for the Ultimate Sex and The City Trivia Showdown. The ups! The downs! The
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Drew & Ross Mathews

Drew Shares Her Favorite Cooking Hack | Drewth or Dare

"I think you should make mistakes in the kitchen, " Ross says!

Drew and Ross Mathews play "Drewth or Dare" and Drew shares the best cooking tip she knows with our
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Drewth or Dare

Drew Gets a Tap Dance Lesson from a Talented Audience Member | Drewth or Dare

Who knew Drew took tap dance as a kid??

It's time for another Drewth or Dare where one of our audience members gets front and center to show
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Eliza Coupe Won't Stop Talking About Cheese

Drew LOVES a rapid fire round.

Drew does a rapid fire round of questions with Pivoting stars Eliza Coupe, Ginnifer Goodwin and Magg
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Kaci Walfall

Ava DuVernay Reveals to "Naomi" Star Kaci Walfall and Drew the Movie She Wants to Remake

Kaci also shares her favorite part about working with Ava!

Ava DuVernay and Kaci Walfall chat with Drew about what it's been like working on CW's Naomi togethe
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Drew Reveals Her Favorite Co-Star Kiss Ever | Drewth or Dare

"He was my real life boyfriend, and I could slip him the tongue."

Drew answers an audience member's question about who the best kisser was out of all of her co-stars!
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Drew Explains Why Women Can Make the First Move in Dating | Drewth or Dare

"Just be brave."

Drew answers an audience member's question about if women should approach men on first dates!
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Kal Penn

Kal Penn and Ross Mathews Demand Better Food for White House Staffers | Rapid Fire

The actor also tells us about his favorite political movie!

Kal Penn is in the hot seat (pun intended) with Ross Mathews for Rapid Fire, where he reveals steamy
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Donny Osmond Accuses Sister Marie of Revealing He Was the Peacock on The Masked Singer

This game was a close as it gets!

Marie Osmond is in the hot seat to play "Donny vs. Marie" to see who will be the ultimate winner, an
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Drew, Ross, and Audience Member Claire

Audience Member Returns to Play for 5x More Cash | Pop Quiz

And then some!

Man, oh man, does Nicole pay attention! Audience member and yesterday's quiz show contestant returns
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Reese and Legally Blonde Outfit

Reese Witherspoon Reveals Her Favorite Legally Blonde Outfit She Kept

The actress also shares the best gift she got as a kid!

Reese Witherspoon plays "Final Five" with Drew to answer some thoughtful questions from the nurses i
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Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Believes The Matrix Movies Are Also a "Love Story"

He also plays a fun game on etiquette!

Keanu Reeves is in the hot seat to talk about his new movie The Matrix Resurrections and plays a gam
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Drew & audience member Jen

Drew Surprise FaceTimes a Fan and Invites Her to Show | Drewth or Dare

She couldn't come because she's studying for finals!

An audience member named Jen dares Drew to surprise FaceTime her Drew-obsessed BFF who couldn't make
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Drew & Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis and Drew Go Head-to-Head in the Ultimate Sex and the City Quiz

It was a really close game... Did you know all the answers??

"And Just Like That" star Kristin Davis and Drew are going against each other in the ultimate Sex an
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Drew Lost a List of Every Costar She Ever Dated at Danny DeVito's House | Drewth or Dare

That's a big whoops!

Drew is dropping some “drewth” bombs about what it's really like dating in Hollywood, even revealing
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Drew Does a Eco-Friendly Clothing Swap with The Drew Barrymore Show Staff

We love the stories Harryanna shares about her mother's sewing.

Drew and three of the show staffers swap meaningful clothing items from their closets and share the
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