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Easy hair

Chris Appleton and Brandice Daniel Show How to Get Easy-to-Do Hair and Make Jeans Look Luxe

So many experts like Chris Appleton and Zanna Roberts Rassi are here!

Drew assembled the beauty team of a lifetime to give 25 empowering women an incredible makeover. Chr
Shopping & Beauty
Zanna Roberts Rassi

Zanna Roberts Rassi Gives Amazing Beauty Tips to Woman Who Gave Free Makeovers During the Pandemic

Zanna recommends a concealer over foundation!

Zanna Roberts Rassi helps Michele, whose business Hair Fantasy gave away free makeovers during the p
Shopping & Beauty

8-Year-Old Journalist Emmy Eaton Shares Why She Loves Idaho | Hometown Spirit

Who knew there was so much in Idaho Falls!

8-year-old Emmy Eaton explains what she loves so much about her hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho!
Entertainment & Celebs

Drew's Audience Gives NYC Waitresses Standing Ovation to Thank Them for Service During Pandemic

Drew opens up about her mom being a waitress and knowing the importance of tips.

To thank New York City waitresses, who've become essential workers during the pandemic, Drew's givin
Entertainment & Celebs
Mikel Welch

Mikel Welch Shows How to Create Beautiful Planters After This Influencer's DIY TikTok Fail

This is such a cute and cheap way to spruce up your space!

Interior designer Mikel Welch is back on the show to help influencer Meredith Coe, also known as @Me
DIY & Home

Drew and Crew Pay Homage to Iconic NYC Rom-Com Scenes Like When Harry Met Sally

Yes, she really does *that* scene!

It's the trailer you've been waiting for! Drew and her crew, Ross Mathews, Pilar Valdes, and Mikel W
Entertainment & Celebs
Fat Joe

Fat Joe Takes Drew on Tour of the Bronx and Shares Tips for Marriage, Healthy Habits Along the Way

They even get a cake with their faces on it!

Fat Joe shows Drew around his hometown of the Bronx, bringing her to neighborhood spots, like Con So
Entertainment & Celebs

Drew and Ross Mathews Join the Aqualillies and Hilariously Learn an Artistic Swimming Routine

"[They're] naturals, thank you very much!"

Drew and Ross Mathews show off the slick moves they learned after joining Aqualillies synchronized s
Entertainment & Celebs
Ru Paul & Drew

RuPaul Joins Drew to Announce She's Going Back-to-School to Get Her GED

We can hear the school bell already!

Drew heads back to school to get her GED with the help of RuPaul and is joined by three incredible p
Entertainment & Celebs
Michael Vartan & Drew

Michael Vartan Confesses He Ended Kiss Scene with Drew Early After Wardrobe Malfunction

"You're a very good kisser," the actor told Drew.

Michael Vartan sits down with some of the cast of Never Been Kissed to share a story Drew's never he
Entertainment & Celebs
David Arquette and Drew sit together

David Arquette on the New Scream Movie and Billie Eilish's Drew Halloween Tribute

"I think people are really going to be excited by it."

Actor David Arquette explains to Drew why he loves filming the new Scream movie and Drew shares how
Entertainment & Celebs

Drew and Design Guru Mikel Welch Have Lots of Decorating To Do in Season 2

She's continuing to celebrate the members of Drew Crew, including our favorite Mikel!

Drew's celebrating a very important Drew Crew member, Mikel Welch, by looking back on all the
DIY & Home
Pilar Valdes

Drew Loves Her Culinary Partner-In-Crime Chef Pilar Valdes

Pilar is a very important member of Drew's Crew!

Here at The Drew Barrymore Show, we're big fans of everyone in Drew's Crew, our group of seaso
Recipes & Cooking

Drew Shows Off a Sneak Peek of The Drew Barrymore Show's Brand New Studio Audience

These are no ordinary bleachers, trust us!

Drew's in our new studio audience to show you what we have prepared for you in our upcoming Season 2
Be On the Show!

Drew Gives a Fan's Personalized Drew's News Poem the Poetry Slam Treatment | Dear Drew

"It's Drew's News. You'll never get the blues"

Drew reads a poem from one of our VFFs who's a huge fan of our series Drew's News!  To write
Dear Drew
Marie Kondo

Drew Gushes Over Her Favorite Tip from Organizing Guru Marie Kondo | Dear Drew

Drew's always been Marie Kondo's #1 fan!

Drew's back behind her desk to read letters from you! This time, she gets mail from a VFF who wants
Dear Drew