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Drew & Ross Mathews

Drew Shares Her Favorite Cooking Hack | Drewth or Dare

"I think you should make mistakes in the kitchen, " Ross says!

Drew and Ross Mathews play "Drewth or Dare" and Drew shares the best cooking tip she knows with our
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Drewth or Dare

Drew Gets a Tap Dance Lesson from a Talented Audience Member | Drewth or Dare

Who knew Drew took tap dance as a kid??

It's time for another Drewth or Dare where one of our audience members gets front and center to show
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Drew and Ross Mathews

Ross Gives His Best Tip for Not Overeating Pizza | Drewth or Dare

"That's a good one," said our brave Drewther!

It's time for another round of Drewth or Dare with Drew and Ross Mathews! This time Ross shares how
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Drew Barrymore

3 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck

A guide to being a maximizing minimalist.

Through Zanna Roberts Rossi, all things are possible. She has taken the staple piece of a turtleneck
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Leo Kelly

Leo Kelly Makes a Santa's Hat Shirley Temple Cocktail | Drew's News

Leo Kelly is so cute it's unreal

Leo Kelly brings his impossible charm to the desk to show Drew and Ross Mathews how to make a Christ
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The Crafty Lumberjacks

The Crafty Lumberjacks Show How to Make Beautiful Garland for Greeting Cards | Hot Tip

No more taping your cards up!

The Crafty Lumberjacks are back with another amazing hack you're going to want to use to display you
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Drew and Ross Quizzes an Audience Member for a Chance to Win an Incredible Bicycle Prize | Pop Quiz

Can you guess all of the correct answers?

Drew and Ross Mathews quiz our lucky audience member Samantha Cashman on trivia questions from the s
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Drew and St. Jude Instagram

Drew Celebrates a New St. Jude Campaign for the Holidays

Drew's been a long-time supporter of the organization!

Drew celebrates St. Jude's Give Thanks and Giving campaign, which makes it easy for othrs to give ba
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Ross Mathews

Ross Mathews Finds Out He Can Communicate with Ghosts from Aliza Kelly | Horoscope It Out

He's also finds out what his 2022 will look like!

Ross Mathews sits down in our digital hub with astrologer Aliza Kelly to get a personal reading base
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Tom Green

Tom Green Learns He Might Be a Little Psychic After a Reading from Astrologer Aliza Kelly | Horoscope It Out

The comedian is also warned about a particular sign he may want to keep his distance from...

Tom Green joins our Digital Hub to get an astrological reading from Aliza Kelly, who reveals what hi
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Drew & Pilar Valdes

Drew and Pilar Valdes Show How Easy It Is to Spice Up Breakfast with a Rebel Homemaker Recipe

Yuzu Kosho is the star ingredient of the dish!

Drew and her culinary partner Pilar Valdes meet Jimmy Edgar and Alice Chan, a couple struggling to m
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Tom Green

Aliza Kelly Teaches Tom Green Important Astrology Terminology like Mercury Retrograde

The comedian joked that he can blame his problems on "Mercury retrograde" now!

Comedian Tom Green sits down with our residential astrologer Aliza Kelly to learn about some importa
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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Gives Drew Dating Advice, Dishes on Walking in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

The two also bond over their love of Halloween!

Vanessa Hudgens sits down with Drew for some girl talk on sliding into someone's DMs, and what it wa
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Rajiv Surendra Teaches Drew How to Write Her Name in Calligraphy | Dear Drew

They're also reading letters from around the country!

Fellow letter-fanatic and calligraphy expert Rajiv Surendra joins Dear Drew to bond with our host ov
Drew's News & Causes

Mikel Welch Demonstrates How to Transform Your Backyard Into an Oasis on a Budget

Trash cans really can double as a pot planter!

Our Drew Crew design expert Mikel Welch shows up with some tips for remodeling an outdoor space into
DIY & Home
Easy hair

Chris Appleton and Brandice Daniel Show How to Get Easy-to-Do Hair and Make Jeans Look Luxe

So many experts like Chris Appleton and Zanna Roberts Rassi are here!

Drew assembled the beauty team of a lifetime to give 25 empowering women an incredible makeover. Chr
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