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Friends of the Show


Drew Learns to Jump-Start a Car from Inspiring Mechanic | Wildflower

Drew learns so much from Stephanie you can use at home today!

Owner of the Wooster's Garage, Stephanie Stanke, tells Drew why she wanted to open her own sho
Best friends

Best Friends Deliver Food to Texans In Need Following Storm

They're for sure friendship goals!

Drew meets Victoria Dill and Katie Collier, two best friends who decided they needed to help p
Drew Crime

Clever VFF Super Sleuth Solves Drew's Mystery Case | Drew Crime

Did you figure it out??

Drew challenged one of our VFF's to try to solve a big mystery case using clues throughout the
Share the Mic

Getting Fired Actually Helped This Designer Meet Her Future Business Partner | Share the Mic

The Forbes+Masters design duo are also sharing the easiest way to level up your home decor game!

Luvvie Ajayi Jones introduces Drew to two amazing designers, Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters, w
Drew Barrymore

Drew Drums with Lively Retirement Community Playing to Stay Fit

What a way to start our morning!

The residents of the Green Country Village Senior Living center join the show to explain why t

The Drew Barrymore Show Family Wishes Drew a Happy Birthday

It's a super lovefest from all of her favorite people!

The team at The Drew Barrymore Show get together (via Zoom, of course) to wish our wonderful h
Drew Barrymore

DJ D-Nice Spins as Gayle King Narrates a Birthday Celebration of Drew's Life and Accomplishments

What a special birthday!

TODAY host Savannah Guthrie guides Drew through an all-star birthday bash with DJ D-Nice,
Keith Morrison

Dateline's Keith Morrison, Gwyneth Paltrow and More Celebs Investigate Drew's Niceness | Drew Crime

It's another thrilling episode of Drew Crime with a birthday twist.

In this extended version of Drew Crime with Keith Morrison, we're investigating if Drew Barrym
Happy Birthday Drew

The TODAY Show Anchors Sing Drew Beautiful Rendition of Happy Birthday

Chloe Fineman's also revamping her impression to give Drew a special shoutout!

Friends of The Drew Barrymore Show, like the TODAY show hosts, SNL's Chloe Fineman and Gordon
Flower Beauty

Drew's Birthday Twins All Get Flower Hair Tools to Celebrate

Can you tell we love giving away awesome prizes?

Ross Mathews helps give our VFF's some amazing Flower Beauty hair tools that are now available