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Deep dish from Chicago

Drew and Ross Matthews Declare Who Has the Best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Can someone mail us a slice, please?

Drew is searching for the best local dishes across the country, starting with Chicago's iconic
Ross Matthews

Ross Matthews Tours Drive-Through Winter Wonderland in LA

Santa even made an appearance!

Ross Matthews takes The Drew Barrymore Show on a tour of Elf on the Shelf's Magical Holiday Jo
Designed by Drew

Legally Blind 22-Year-Old Gets Dream Home Makeover from Drew | Designed by Drew

We're stunned with the incredible transformation!

Milnalis Diese has struggled with her eyesight her entire life, but despite all her challenges
Designed By Drew

Drew Chats with Owners of Boston's First Black-Owned Bookstore

Clarissa says she was born to open a bookstore!

Drew's excited to unveil Drew's Little Yellow Book of Small Businesses Gift Guide, featuring s

Drew's Extra Thankful for The Drew Barrymore Show This Thanksgiving

She's clearly not afraid to show it!

This year, Drew was able to launch her dream show so she has a lot of reasons to be feeling ex

Once-Homeless Veteran Is Brought to Tears When His Mortgage Is Paid in Full | Drew-Gooders

Thanks to Home Depot for making the magic happen!

Anthony and Kara Burrow were left completely stunned after Drew announces Home Depot Foundatio

Drew Reunites with Inspiring Past Drew-Gooders for Thanksgiving | Drew's News

We're so thankful for people like them!

Drew is catching up with some of the inspiring people who've come on the show, like Justin Gav
Drew's News
Pet turkey

Drew Meets a Curious Rescue Turkey Who Loves Cuddles

Drew said she looks a little Brooklyn!

Mary the turkey is a lot like a puppy according to her owner Rocky, and Drew was so excited to
Big surprise

Drew Surprises New Mom of Quadruplets with Vacation Getaway | Mom's Time Out

There's even a personal chef!

Chris and Katie Sturm wanted to have another child, but they never expected quadruplets! Drew

VFF Says Drew's Book is Helping Her Through Illness | The Big Goodbye

She has a signed copy!

Drew meets a moving VFF who shares that Drew's book has been helping her through her illness a