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Zanna Roberts Rassi Gives Drew-Gooder Teacher a Life Changing Makeover | Drew-Gooder

Zanna Roberts Rassi Gives Drew-Gooder Teacher a Life Changing Makeover | Drew-Gooder

Sometimes Little Tweaks Make a Major Difference.

Drew enlists beauty expert Zanna Roberts Rassi to give a well-deserving Drew-Gooder, a teacher who w
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Zanna Roberts Rassi is Anti the Jellyfish Haircut Trend | Drew's News

Zanna Roberts Rassi is Anti the Jellyfish Haircut Trend | Drew's News

And the Audience Agrees.

Milk Makeup founder and fashion expert Zanna Roberts Rassi joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the Drew's
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Drew in clothes

Drew and Ross Mathews Call a Superfan's Date to Help Cancel His Plans | Drew & A

Drew also gives one lucky audience member fashion advice!

Drew and Ross Mathews answer questions from the audience, like which shoes to wear to an interview,
Archival shots of earring usage!

Full History of How Earrings Came to Be | Beauty Backgrounder

How could jewelry so beautiful ever have been banned by the Catholic church?

Ever wonder how earrings came to be and why? And how they evolved to become the designs that we know
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Drew & Ross

Should You Wear Black Nail Polish This Winter? | Drew News

We might try out this trend...

Drew and Ross Mathews discuss the most fun headlines in news, like the black nail polish resurgence
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Joc Pederson

Atlanta Braves’ Joc Pederson on How to Rock Pearls | Ask a Deskpert

We want some!

Joc Pederson of the Atlanta Braves has a fashion sense that can only be described as a home run. AMI
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Drew & Ross

90s Themed Couple Costume Contest

Wait, what did Drew say about Leonardo DiCaprio??

Wayne’s World, Pamela & Tommy, Prince & Mayte, AND a casual story about eating pizza with Le
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Mikel Welch

80s DIY: How to Make Acid Wash Jeans

So totally fashion forward!

Designer Mikel Welch teaches Drew and Ross how to make their own easy, totally rad, acid wash jeans,
DIY & Home
Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Gives Drew Dating Advice, Dishes on Walking in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Fashion Show

The two also bond over their love of Halloween!

Vanessa Hudgens sits down with Drew for some girl talk on sliding into someone's DMs, and what it wa
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Susan Socias

Mother of 2 Gets a Gorgeous Makeover!

And some great tips about how to dress for your best feature

Mother of 2, Susan Socias has fallen into a very relatable rut of home haircuts and constant athleis
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Brandice Daniel

Brandice Daniel's Best Tips for Improving Your Wardrobe Game | Fashion Fix

She's explaining how to dress for your body type!

Fashion expert Brandice Daniel is backstage to give you a few tips on looking your best, like how to
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Drew Barrymore

Drew Gives 25 Inspiring Women Incredible Mega Makeovers with the Help of Our Celebrity Stylists

Though she acknowledges that beauty comes from within!

Drew, Chris Appleton, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Brandice Daniel and The Young Emperors transform 25 Drew-
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Drew's News

Ross Mathews Doesn't Want Gen Z's TikTok Advice on How to Look Better | Drew's News

And more news, clogs are making a comeback!

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind our Drew's News desk to talk about the latest headlines, including
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Drew Explains How to Tailor Dress to Fit Perfectly After Recent Weight Loss

Drew's breaking down what some important tailoring terms mean!

Drew helps Megan, who recently lost 15 pounds during the pandemic, tailor her dress so it fits her p
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Easy hair

Chris Appleton and Brandice Daniel Show How to Get Easy-to-Do Hair and Make Jeans Look Luxe

So many experts like Chris Appleton and Zanna Roberts Rassi are here!

Drew assembled the beauty team of a lifetime to give 25 empowering women an incredible makeover. Chr
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Drew & Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson Debate Whether Indie or Big Budget Movies Are as Scary | Drew's News

Drew and Ross Mathews also get excited about a big fashion comeback!

TV host Nate Burleson joins the Drew's News desk to talk to Drew and Ross Mathews about if low-budge
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