Danny Seo's Sweater Chair Upcycling Project

30 minsPrep Time


  • Semi Thick Woolen Sweaters Large enough to cover a seat cushion.
  • Staple Gun With Staples
  • Scissors
  • Chair With Easy to Remove Seat Cushion


1.      Unscrew the seat cushion to the dining chair.   

2.     With scissors, cut open the sweater to make a flat piece of “fabric”

3.     Place the seat cushion, seat side down, onto the sweater.    Wrap the sweater around the cushion to make sure it covers it completely.

4.     Use the staple gun to secure the sweater in place but stapling it to the underside of the seat cushion.    Slightly pull and staple gun into place so it’s a tight, firm cover.

5.     Trim the excess fabric.

6.     Screw back onto chair.