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Rugelach and Eitan

Eitan Bernath Teaches Drew How to Make Rugelach

Try to watch this segment and not drool.

It's Cookie Week at The Drew Barrymore Show, so Eitan Bernath stops by to teach Drew how to make Rug
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Kal Penn

Kal Penn on What Air Force One is Like and How a Guidance Counselor Inspired His Book Title

"Drew chats Kal Penn about his career at the White House, his Hollywood projects, Indian weddings, and more! Plus, Drew surprises Kal with two audience members who want to thank Kal for his inspirational life! For Kal Penn's book ""You Can't Be Serious""

Drew chats Kal Penn about his career at the White House, his Hollywood projects, Indian weddings, an
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This Second Grade Teacher Shows Drew Around Washington D.C. | Hometown Spirit

Get schooled on the best food in D.C!

Tatiana Inise, a second-grade teacher, reveals her favorite spots from Union Market, to Meridian Hil
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Drew & Jaleel White play "Did I Do That?"

Jaleel White and Drew Reveal Embarrassing Moments Playing "Did I Do That?"

Has Drew ever drunk dialed Adam Sandler?

Jaleel White and Drew play "Did I Do That?" and find out if Drew is actually a good driver, and if g
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Lawn mower

Why This Man Went from Ad VP to the Face of a Grassroots Lawn Mowing Movement | Drew's News

Brian Schwartz is helping seniors and veterans one lawn at a time!

I Want To Mow Your Lawn founder, Brian Schwartz, joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the Drew's News desk
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Drew & Ross

Is It Better To Sleep Naked? | Drew's News

Drew is a TOTAL nudie!

Drew and Ross Matthews are behind the Drew's News desk discussing whether or not your coworkers shou
Drew's News & Causes
Anne Burrell

Anne Burrell Teaches Drew How to Make an Easy-Peasy Chicken Milanese | Drew's Cooking School

Fool-proof weeknight recipe!

Anne Burrell kicks off the inaugural Drew's Cooking School by teaching Drew and guests Tiffany and K
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Jaleel White

Jaleel White Reveals His Journey from "Family Matters" Urkel to Podcaster Dad

How did he land the part?

Jaleel White and Drew discuss how he landed the part of Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" and how he b
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Drew & Jaleel White

Coming Up on December 24, 2021 on Drew!

Jaleel White is here!

Actor Jaleel White stops by to chat about his “Ever After” podcast and plays a fun game of “Did I Do
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