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Drew's Kitchen

Chef Edouard Massih Cooks Up Herbaceous Za’atar Shakshuka with Drew

Drew LOVES halloumi!

Edouard Massih is in the kitchen with Drew to show her how to make his special take on Za’atar Shaks
Recipes & Cooking
Drewth or Dare

Drew and Ross Get Real on When an "Irish Exit" is Okay | Drewth or Dare

"I looked for you to say goodbye and couldn't find you," Ross says always works!

It's time for another Drewth or Dare with Drew and Ross Mathews, and, this time one, of our audience
Entertainment & Celebs
Drew and Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer Gives The Drew Barrymore Show Audience Life Advice

What can't this woman do?!

We knew that Nicole Byer was impossibly funny, but what about navigating impossible situations with
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How Upcycle and Remove Wax from Candleholders| Hot Tip

A CRUCIAL lifehack

Often times, candleholders are way too cute to throw away. Here’s an easy hack for how to repurpose
DIY & Home
nicole byer type of guy with drew barrymore

Nicole Byer and Drew Describe Their "Types"

Breathing AND nice is harder to find than you'd think

Nicole Byer started her podcast “Why Won’t You Date Me?” to better understand her unlucky dating his
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pole dancing nicole byer

Nicole Byer Breaks Down Her Experience Learning How to Pole Dance

No easy feat!

Despite Nicole Byer’s insanely busy schedule, she picked up a new hobby: pole dancing. She and Drew
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ross mathews and drew barrymore prairie

Ross Has a "Little House on the Prairie" Fantasy | Drew's News

He also has a headset fantasy...

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind the desk to dish on news headlines, such as a story about a man who
Drew's News & Causes
couples fighting

Do Couples Fight More Over Cheating, Money, or Chores? | Drew's News

Drew and Ross debate this issue, and even ask the audience!

Drew and Ross debate a new study that shows that chores are more of a dividing subject for couples t
Drew's News & Causes
robot waiters olympics beijing 2022

Robot Waiters Will Serve Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Athletes | Drew's News

Drew thinks it looks like Dave and Buster's' claw game.

Drew and Ross Mathews are behind the desk to dish on some news headlines, like Mandy Moore's dream "
Drew's News & Causes
Nicole Byer

Coming Up on February 7, 2022 on Drew!

Nicole Byer is here!

“Grand Crew” star Nicole Byer stops by to chat. Then, chef and entrepreneur Edy Massi
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